PPV in Canada


You’ve mentioned a few times in the Observer flashbacks that Canada didn’t get PPV until 1992. But I clearly remember Saskatoon having PPV at least as early as January 91, it’s how I became a wrestling fan. We never actually ordered anything, but we watched the hell out of the PPV preview channel. I saw the promo for the 91 Royal Rumble over and over again, which lead me to start watching Superstars and becoming hooked. I also remember watching scrambled versions of SummerSlam and Survivor Series that year.

It turns out PPV was launched in Saskatoon, Regina and Yorkton in 1990 as a test run before going country wide in late 91. Obviously this has nothing to do with WrestleMania somehow being blacked out in Toronto in 87, but it is interesting that Saskatchewan had PPV for over a year before the rest of Canada.

​That is interesting! Typically, according to what I’ve heard, Winnipeg is the city that gets all the test market stuff because it’s big enough to be considered a "real" city for data purposes, but so godforsaken and isolated that no one wants to go there and thus things don’t get leaked early.

But man, had I been living here in 92, I could have watched the 92 Rumble live? That’s awesome. ​