Been reliving some early 90’s WWE PPV’s on the Network, and it gives me a bit of a shocked perspective on IRS’s consistently-prominent booking as a mid-level heel. He was seemingly never without a storyline for about 4 straight years despite that his heel heat didn’t seem especially outstanding and his character didn’t evolve at all that entire time. Is there a known explanation for this? I can imagine that Vince hated the IRS with a passion and so just presumed that everyone would consider an IRS agent to be the ultimate villain. Or was it ultimately that Rotunda was a basically steady worker, first in a dying tag division, and then in singles in ’93-’94 when the whole roster was fading out faster than a McFly family photograph?

-Pants Unknown

​Yeah, Vince REALLY hates the IRS and apparently felt that the character was easy and effective heat in any situation, because who doesn’t hate the taxman, right? Work-wise, Rotunda was pretty much shot due to injury and laziness by that point, and I can’t even recall an IRS match that I’d classify as anything more than "passable", so I don’t think it was his workrate keeping him around or anything. He was a guy who was happy to be in the spot he was in, putting on decent curtain-jerking matches and calling the crowd a bunch of tax-cheats. Frankly I don’t know why he bothered to leave, he could have milked that for another 4 years.​