Podcast questions

> What wrestling podcasts do you listen to? How do you rank the podcasts for former guys like Austin, Jericho, Flair, JR, etc? Any particular episodes you like? If you were going to be a guest on one of them, which would it be?

I really only have time to listen to the Observer shows on my daily commute to work, but I’ve always enjoyed Austin’s podcast when I had a chance to check it out. He’s very laid back and honest with guys, which is nice. Comes from knowing he has nothing more to get from the business and he doesn’t need to protect his spot or whatever.

As for me, maybe I should just do my own Podcast of Doom. Brian Bayless and I could review terrible older wrestling shows and talk about current news items, plus answer my never ending mailbag. That’d be pretty cool, I bet. That might even be something we could start at the end of this month. Hmmm…