BoD Daily Update: July 4th, 2016 RAW Preview


The Club vs. Shield Feud Still a Possibility?

Top WWE officials, including Vince McMahon himself, are still interested in a feud between the two groups. Vince reportedly wants The Club to be built up stronger before they go in that direction and word is that Finn Balor’s introduction to the group may be part of making them stronger.

Backstage Heat on Apollo Crews?

Crews apparently picked up some heat backstage after some blown spots in the ring. His May 23rd match on RAW against Chris Jericho did not get over well backstage, with a majority of the blame placed on Crews himself.


Updated Blocks & Matches for the New Japan G1 Tournament

Hiroyoshi Tenzan has also replaced Satoshi Kojima. Click on the link below to view the updated blocks and matches.


Reason Why the WWE Paired Dana Brooke with Charlotte?

The main reason as to why the WWE paired up Dana Brooke with Charlotte is that WWE officials, Triple H in particular, believe Dana has the potential to be a major player with the WWE but is still inexperienced and felt she needed a veteran to learn from on the main roster.


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