This Tuesday in Texas Questions

I heard over the years that the Tuesday in Texas experiment was Vince’s way at trying his hand at weekly PPV’s or something of that nature. If it succeeded, how would that have worked? The roster was starting to get thin at the time Do you have any insight on what the long term vision was going to be with that? Do you think it would’ve been something like what would become Monday Night RAW a year later but on PPV every week?

​I definitely think the direction for RAW was based on what the weekly PPV format was going to be. Star v. Star matches, done live every week, with a big main event. The production costs were too much for the weekly budget PPV format to offset (and in fact the In Your House shows were the same way​ until they made them full price) but with USA bankrolling it, it worked fine.

That being said, Meltzer never really went into any detail about what Vince wanted from the format at the time, it was more just Vince trying an experiment. Letting it play out to see where it goes, so to speak.