Mid-South Wrestling 1981 Year in Review

December 31, 1981

Your host is Bill Watts, who tells us that Boyd Pierce is on vacation

This episode shows the highlights of 1981


Watts talks about how 1981 was the year of Ted DiBiase. He also points out how Mid-South suspended Ernie Ladd this year, who was a top draw according to Watts.


We see a clip of the Junkyard Dog & Mike George vs. Wild Samoans, managed by Ernie Ladd from the Mississippi Fairgrounds in Jackson, MI. Watts puts over the “mental skill” of Ladd as George & JYD won the Tag Team Titles.


Now, we see most of the Paul & Terry Orndorff vs. Junkyard Dog & Mike George match that had the stipulation where the loser had to wear a yellow mask. Terry took the pin and wore the mask but began to “load” his mask and won matches as a result. It was a wild match that saw Bob Orton Jr. running out with a mask that JYD ripped off.


Watts talks about Dusty Rhodes and how he beat Harley Race for the NWA World Title before losing it to Ric Flair in Kansas City. Watts also puts over the feud between Dusty and Gary Hart as we see an interview of Hart alongside the Great Kabuki as he promises Kabuki will have his number. Hart tells Dusty if he ever had a dream in which he beat Kabuki, he better look in the mirror and apologize when he wakes up. Hart promos were awesome and Watts says their match was too violent for television so we get an interview with Dusty, who has his face painted to somewhat match Kabuki and a headband that reads “war.” He asks Kabuki if he is an assassin, soldier, or an errand boy as he channels Col. Walter E. Kurtz. Dusty believes that Kabuki is an errand boy as the camera zooms in on Dusty’s face as he promises to come after both of them. Different promo style as Dusty was in a dark room and Dusty spoke slowly and deliberately. Awesome promo from Dusty as Watts says they will have an unsanctioned bunkhouse match. Watts also suggests that Kabuki was preoccupied with Dusty when he dropped the Louisiana Heavyweight Title to the Junkyard Dog just over four weeks ago as Watts suggests JYD will soon feel the wrath of Kabuki.


Clips from the 10/15/81 Ted DiBiase vs. Paul Orndorff match at the Jackson Fairgrounds is shown. Seemed like an awesome match. Watts then talks about how Orndorff brought in his brother Terry then sent him home (in reality, Orndorff got in a career-ending car accident) and has now formed an alliance with Bob Roop.


Watts tells us about the newcomers to Mid-South such as Ed Wiskowksi as we see a clip of him facing Ted DiBiase then when he beat Jimmy Garvin a few weeks ago.


The DiBiase vs. Orndorff TV match from a few weeks ago is joined in-progress. This is when Orndorff reversed the figure-four leg lock and the show ran out of time with DiBiase in agony but refusing to give up.


Watts closes the show by telling us next week we will find out about the dream match (sadly, I do not have a copy of that show and asks questions about what might happen in 1982.


Final Thoughts: A breezy show that highlighted the top feuds of 1981 and gave us a glimpse of what to expect in 1982. These shows are easy to watch and the in-ring product is solid. I cannot wait to dive into 1982 next.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

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