WWE days of future past

WWE and pro wrestling have been out of its last boom period for 15 years and the ratings are falling below 3 million viewers while the shows seem creatively bankrupt. We need your help make sure pro wrestling exists in the future!

You and Scottsman are tasked with sending someone back in time to save professional wrestling. What one thing do you decide to change to ensure a better 2016 for the North American wrestling landscape?

Benoit? Get WWE to sign their last TV deal with someone who doesn’t want 3 hours?

I think I would go with trying to stop Vince from buying WCW.

Oh and you have to send back the only person capable of making the trip physically, John Cena.

​Yeah, but no one would be able to see him.

The problem was not Vince buying WCW, the problem was Jamie Kellner killing it off in the first place. Preventing Vince from buying it would likely just mean that it dies off completely and then Vince can low-ball all the talent even MORE.

I think getting Vince to take a stand on the 3 hour thing would be the most beneficial overall. That’s the #1 thing that’s really killed off the show for casual fans. I’d probably also go back and tell Daniel Bryan not to do the fucking headbutt anymore and maybe also convince Vince to call up Chris Hero as the third member of the Shield instead of Roman Reigns.