Booking WM?

Hey Scott,Since the Roman Train will likely be flying off the tracks like at the end of Back to the Future III by years end. Where should your Main event Wrestlemania (Don’t call me XXXIII) matches come from? Cena and Undertaker is still the easiest to book. Balor vs. AJ for the Smackdown title will get the IWC interested. Also Ambrose vs. Triple H is an easy way to get Deano over at the Grand Daddy of them All. One thing is for sure though, Roman needs to win the Royal Rumble next year to bring this redemption thing full circle.Thanks, I can confidently say that Finn Balor will not be main eventing against AJ Styles at Wrestlemania this year.  Although with the brand split and everything up in the air, it’s really hard to say where they’re going with anything.  And who knows if Undertaker is even coming back?  Normally I’d say that Reigns v. Cena is where the ultimate destination is, and maybe they finally do the Bray v. Brock feud they were teasing for weeks? One thing is 100% for certain:  The Roman Reigns Redemption will make him the #1 babyface we’ve all been waiting for.  Everyone loves Lance Armstrong, right?
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