Wrestling Observer Flashback–03.09.87

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The big news this week is that Riki Choshu has jumped back to New Japan again, along with Masa Saito.  Saito will face Inoki in the main event of the big 3/26 show.  Inoki had actually been trying to entice Choshu’s entire crew to jump ship with him due to the declining ratings of his TV show and threats of cancellation, but the other guys decided to stay with Baba.  Choshu is likely going to make an insane amount of money on the deal due to Inoki’s desperation, and now Baba is probably going to attempt to raid Akira Maeda in retaliation.  For the moment New Japan running shows with Saito v. Inoki and Choshu v. Maeda should juice business enough to get them up from the bottom again. 

– Nothing new yet on Crockett’s apparent attempts at buying out Florida, but rumors are still flying. 

– The UWF is trying to expand north again, with dates in Minnesota, but they’re not able to get into St. Louis because the Kiel Auditorium won’t rent to him (or Crockett). 

– The AWA shocked everyone with a pretty big gate in San Francisco for their traditional battle royale, drawing 4000 people, and then following up with 4500 in Minneapolis against a WWF show that only did 6500 with Hogan v. Hercules on top.  Oddly, the WWF show was all advance tickets, while the AWA show was pretty much 100% walkup sales. 

– Wrestlemania III is up to 50,000 tickets sold with three weeks to go.  Randy Savage was reported in a Canadian newspaper as having major knee surgery right after the show and then taking the summer off, but Dave calls it 100% untrue.  Andre meanwhile, isn’t wrestling leading up to the show, due to worries that his back won’t be able to handle more than one match.  The WWF is also having an extra-large version of the title belt made, to be revealed on TV the week before the show, so all the “semi-smart” fans will be thinking title change. 

– Outback Jack finally debuted in MSG, pinning Barry O with a lariat, and he was a complete flop right out of the gate. No heat at all for the match and Jack looked terrible. 

– Dave notes that Brutus Beefcake will be turning babyface at Wrestlemania and feuding with Adonis, which means that Adonis can’t be bald.  (Not sure of Dave’s detective work there)

– Stallone is the latest rumor for celebrities in Hogan’s corner at the show.  Alice Cooper will in fact be in Jake’s corner, though.

– The house shows have been main evented by six-man elimination matches with Savage/Adonis/Race v. Steamboat/Piper/JYD which have all been **** or better.  (Those matches were GREAT.  I believe there’s one of them on Primetime on the Network, too.) 

– Since Dave typed up page one, Florida has been confirmed as sold to Jim Crockett.  Dusty Rhodes will be the booker but everything else should stay the same. 

– Ole Anderson did his babyface turn on 2/28, getting kicked out of the group for missing shows to watch his son wrestle in college.  (Ironically, years later Flair would be suspended from WCW for real for exactly that same reason).  Ole’s turn and fired-up babyface promo on the Horsemen was really well done, but Dave thinks that babyface Ole is a really bad idea. 

– Stan Lane is probably coming in after all, teaming with Bill Dundee for the Crockett Cup most likely. 

– To the shock of no one, Dusty Rhodes won the Bunkhouse Stampede finals, beating Big Bubba in a cage match in Pittsburgh before a crowd of 17,000.  The main event was Flair v. Windham in a ****1/2 match that Flair won with his feet on the ropes. 

–  Dave ends the Crockett section by going on a rant about how Misty Blue Simmes “has to be the ugliest girl ever described as beautiful in the human race”.  Also, the matches with Linda Dallas are embarrassingly bad, as they’re literally doing nothing but “selling their asses”.  (Tell us how you really feel, Dave.) 

– Baby Doll did get out of her contract with Crockett, but can’t work as Baby Doll any longer, so she’ll be Nickla in the UWF. 

– Dark Journey took a bad bump while doing an angle with Michael Hayes, and has apparently broken her back.  (She ended up with the Four Horsemen by July, so it couldn’t have been that bad.) 

– Morale is way up in the AWA after their pair of successful shows.  (Boy, that wouldn’t last long.)  Dave finally did see the full 60 minute draw between Hennig and Bockwinkel, and thought it was a “super match”.  (Hot take from Dave.) 

– In Florida, Bruiser Brody did a double countout with the Sheik that Dave lists as ****1/2.  (I’d be skeptical of that rating.)

– In Stampede, the Viet Cong Express appears to be cursed.  Fumi Niikura suffered a heart attack and never returned from Japan, so they replaced him with a young prospect named Matsuda as Viet Cong #3.  During training, Matsuda suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and he’s already done as a wrestler.  There will be no Viet Cong #4. 

– Another young Japanese wrestler named Keichi Yamada will be coming into the territory soon. 

– To World Class, where Jack Victory is in…but only as a jobber.  (Clearly Dave has moved on anyway.) 

– Mike Von Erich is still in the news, as he had to settle another lawsuit for punching out a window on someone’s car.  (Yeah, we all know what’s coming soon.) 

– To Memphis, where the main event of a show was Jerry Lawler & Nick Bockwinkel beating Austin Idol and the debuting Lord Humongous.  Dave lists him as local football star Mike Stark, but in fact Dave was incorrect here and in fact it was the wrestling debut of the one  and only Sid Eudy. 

– Jerry Lawler did his weekly radio show with a local DJ and they decided to go nuts and break kayfabe like crazy, revealing that Sam Houston is married to Baby Doll, that Randy Savage was in trouble for hitting a fan in Miami, that Bobby Eaton is married to Bill Dundee’s daughter, and then made fun of Jake Roberts’ real name and the real names of Flair, Hogan, Piper and Michael Hayes.  He even revealed that Ricky Morton is married with two kids.

– Bulldog Bob Brown was made into the top babyface in Central States as everyone abandons ship back to Crockett before Geigel takes over again.

– Doug Furnas is trying to break some powerlifting records in Florida and will likely start full-time after that.  As usual, Dave cares a lot more about weightlifting and muscle stuff than anyone else. 

– Although Linda Hogan was reported as pregnant a few weeks ago, they lost the baby.

– Dave thinks that the saddest thing about the Ole turn was that Tully tore his “Mean and Nasty” t-shirt, the only shirt he’s worn for the better part of a decade. 

– There’s a videotape release of the Frank Tunney Tag Team tournament planned, so some are thinking that the Harts will lose the titles to the winners.  Neidhart’s trial is the day after the show.  (I wonder if Dave called his bookie to put money on the Can-Ams?) 

– Dave did some research on Outback Jack and was horrified to discover that he actually wrestled previously in Australia as “Sgt. Green”, which means that he has experience as a worker and yet he’s still THAT bad in the ring. 

– Pat Tanaka will be turning heel and feuding with Jeff Jarrett in Memphis, based on the idea that Tanaka was shoved aside by the promotion in favor of Jeff due to nepotism.  Which, Dave notes, is the truth.

– And finally, Vince tried to extend his MSG exclusivity until 1997, but they turned him down. 

Peace out.