Top ten racist gimmicks in WWE

Hi Scott

Someone on the BoD daily thread claimed King Booker was the most racist WWE gimmick of all time. Since we all love lists, I knocked up my top ten racist WWE gimmick list and Booker doesn’t come close.

Kai En Tai
Mr. Fuji
Papa Shango
The Godfather
Kerwin White
The Nation of Domination
Muhammad Hassan
Saba Simba
Roddy Piper Goes Half-Black

Any better suggestions?

How was King Booker even racist? I don’t understand. He was just a delusional buffoon who happened to be black, I thought. Also, the NOD wasn’t general racism, it was more of a satire on Farrakhan in particular.

Also, I’d add the Headshrinkers (savage cannibals who don’t understand boots)​.