Orndorff at WM 3?

After spending 86 selling out the country with Hogan, why couldn’t Paul get a match on the biggest show in history? I know he was battling injuries, but he was in SNME battle royal… Just always seemed odd he was just casually omitted from the card

The reasoning behind no Orndorff was threefold:

1. Orndorff suffered a brutally bad nerve damage to his shoulder and neck in late 86 and wasn’t really in any kind of plans at that point.

2. Plans for the card had to be solidified for advertising reasons by early February, and at that point Paul didn’t know what was going on with his career 100% for sure, so it was better just to leave him off.

3. On the off-chance that Andre’s back was too messed up to compete that night (which was a legit fear at that point) Orndorff was rumored to be held in check as a surprise replacement. By the time they were within a couple of weeks of the show, though, it was clear that Andre was at the very least able to make it there and compete, so I don’t think Orndorff was even at the show.