Yet another brand split question

Hey Scott,

The timing of the most recent group of releases seems so strange considering the upcoming brand split. I know Cody asked for his release and Barrett decided not to re-sign, so my question is how much the workers in the locker room knew about it? If I’m Cody and I know the opportunity for screens time and a possible character change is about to double, don’t I want to stick around? Same thing with Barrett, too – if there’s a chance to get more time on camera and be a bigger star, don’t you roll the dice?

It also makes the release of Sandow that much more inexplicable. Did no one know this was happening? Does the right hand not know what the left is doing? Or are they really just clearing space for younger/different guys from NXT?

​No one knew it was happening. It appears to have been a very spur-of-the-moment decision by USA because ratings have been such ass for the show since the move. That being said, Cody’s issues weren’t with TV time, it was his character and dealing with the writers, and the split wouldn’t have solved that. With Sandow I think they just gave up on him completely, but he could definitely be hired back and probably will. Barrett just appears to want out, period.

But overall, the feeling is that no one knew anything, except for high level guys like Vince and HHH. Maybe even just Vince. Which is evident by the high degree of planning and forethought that has gone into this thing thus far already.​