WWF Wrestling Challenge – September 11th, 1988

September 11,1988

From the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, CT

Your hosts are Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action this week are Jake Roberts, King Haku, George Steele, Demolition, and the debut of the Blue Blazer


Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Mike Williams

Jake lands some punches then hits a slam. Gorilla gets on Heenan about Rick Rude’s tights featuring Cheryl Roberts as Jake hits a clothesline before finishing off Williams with the DDT (1:37).

Thoughts: A quick win for Roberts, who is still out for revenge against Rude.


Brother Love Show with guests Frenchy Martin and Dino Bravo. Frenchy has his “USA is not OK” sign with him. Brother Love tells them he is honored to be in the presence of the world’s strongest man before telling him how Jim Duggan does not like him. Bravo tells us all its no wonder why he hates this country because they have a hero like Duggan before he puts over his own strength. They are really going all out to make sure this will be one of the top TV programs heading into the Fall.


Gorilla hypes the newest edition of “WWF Magazine” which features Hulk Hogan on the cover.


Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Tony Sober & Scott Colontonio

Demolition starts off by destroying Sober as we hear an insert promo from them as they call out the British Bulldogs. Colontonio tags in as Heenan tells us he hears that Fuji is concerned about the Powers of Pain. Demolition beats on Colontonio for a while until they put him away with the Decapitation (3:37).

Thoughts: Demolition is feuding with the Bulldogs around the house show circuit and its odd to have the heel champs call out the face challengers for matches and how they will beat their ass.


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center. We hear from Greg Valentine, who tells us that 1988 was a banner year for himself except for Don Muraco, who Valentines who promises to turn him into little pebbles. Tito Santana then tells us he will be wrestling on his own and how he is here for a fight. Four years prior, Santana and Valentine where near the top of the card and now, they are essentially afterthoughts.


King Haku w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Bert Centino

Gorilla is now solo on commentary. Heenan tries to have the bow to Haku but they are not having any of that. Match starts with Haku beating on Centino. He hits a gutwrench suplex then a backdrop before finishing him off with a thrust kick (1:37).

Thoughts: The King Haku gimmick continues to struggle.


Larry Stevens vs, George “The Animal” Steele

Heenan is back on commentary. Stevens tries a sneak attack but ends up getting rammed into the corner. Steele then uses turnbuckle smashes before getting the win with a flying hammerlock (1:01). After the match, Steele makes the ref raise Mine’s hand.

Thoughts: More of the same for Steele, in his final WWF TV appearance during this run. He would return to team with Taka Michinoku against Brian Christopher & Jerry Lawler on an episode of RAW in 1997.


Mooney is back in the Event Center. We hear from Ken Patera, who tells us he is a character in a similar style as Brian Bosworth and Billy Martin, but that he also has heart, a mind, and guts. Patera says he wants to be a winner. Ron Bass then tells us how he kicks anyone and anything that gets in his way as he calls his spurs “Bo and Bart Maverick” while gloating over his attack on Brutus Beefcake. Quite the promos we saw here.


Tito Santana and the Spanish Announcer plug the WWF Ice Cream Bars.


Hart Foundation vs. Barry Horowitz & Chance McQuaid

We hear an insert promo from the Rougeau Brothers, who say that the Hart Foundation will never be champions again because they left Jimmy Hart. Bret drops a knee on Horowitz, who tags out, then the Hart Foundation beat on McQuaid. Neidhart destroys poor McQuaid with a clothesline then the Hart Foundation hit the Hart Attack for the win (2:23).

Thoughts: They continue to set up for the Rougeaus/Hart Foundation feud.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. This is about the Ultimate Warrior and Honky Tonk Man feud.


George South vs. Blue Blazer

The crowd is silent for the Blazer. who shows off his agility to start the match. He takes South down with a hurricarana then a monkey flip as he now works the arm. South lands some headbutts in the corner runs into a bakdrop. Blazer hits a gutwrench then a belly-to-belly suplex before hitting a moonsault for the win (2:02). The crowd popped for the finish.

Thoughts: Blazer was able to win over the crowd by the end of the match with his offense. He also moved faster than anyone else in the WWF by a wide margin.


We are shown the replay from the 8/27 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling” when Ron Bass attacked Brutus Beefcake with his spur. Afterwards, we hear from WWF President Jack Tunney who says Ron Bass was fined $10,000 for attacking a official.


David Isley & Mario Mancini vs. The Bolsheviks w/ Slick

Volkoff catches Mancini with a spin kick then talks to the ref, allowing Zhukov to beat on Mancini on the floor. We hear from Slick in an insert promo as he brags about his team while telling the Powers of Pain they will cause them a nightmare. Isley tags and the Bolsheviks beat him down until Zhukov drops a forearm from the top as Volkoff head Isley up as that gets the win (3:06).

Thoughts: The Bolsheviks and Powers of Pain feud will continue.


Mooney is back in the Event Center. We hear from Slick and the Big Bossman, who tells everyone they are going to be following his orders. The Junkyard Dog then tells us he looks around everyday and sees greatness in the WWF. JYD would get fired, along with Don Muraco, a few weeks after this aired during the European tour.


Next week in action will be Ron Bass, Powers of Pain, Honky Tonk Man, Rick Rude, and Jim Duggan.


Final Thoughts: They continue to set up new feuds and characters. This time period was interesting as during the next several weeks, guys would be coming and going, all for the best. The older guard needed to be replaced and they were.



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