Title split

> Hi Scott,
> I assume you watched every single second of RAW last night, but on the off chance that you didn’t, the top belt in promotion is once again being called the WWE championship and not the longer name that has been used for the past two and a half years. Should this be viewed as confirmation that they’re going to go back to two world titles? What do they not like about original way of using the undisputed title from mid-2002? Is there anything live crowds can chant to prevent this?

They should chant "This is NOT Awesome!" and Vince will really get the point.

As for the title split, we’ve known it was coming since the brands were split. Best guess is that Roman and Seth somehow both walk out of Battleground with a claim to the title but who knows? Either way, it’s like the NBA season starting again: It’s boring and stupid and no one quite understands what’s happening, but you might as well accept it. Plus Drake is usually there.

Think about it.