Rumble 91

Hey Scott,

As a huge Rockers mark, one of my all-time sentimental favorite matches is Rockers vs Orient Express from Rumble 91. Watching the American Alpha vs Revival match from Takeover, and one sequence seemed to be right out of that match. The double cross corner whip/reversal/do-si-do/synchronized move on both guys/ankle locks sequence was very reminiscent of the Rumble 91 match.

Whether an intentional homage or not (likely not), I’ve always loved choreographed stuff like that in tag matches. The dynamic lends itself well to that type of stuff, and I’m happy it seems to be back somewhat. With The New Day seeming to have elevated the tag titles, my hope is that tag wrestling continues to differentiate itself from singles, which, in its own way, elevates it as something different. Think there’s going to be continued space for it given the vast swath of tv time they have to fill now?

Tag matches are great for the new era because you can fill longer amounts of time with them, and also put together guys from the midcard who aren’t doing anything and get something new as a result. I really think American Alpha are going to explode onto the scene when they come up and hopefully they inspire a bunch of other young guys to show the same kind of fire. Jason Jordan has really found his niche and I’m just so darn happy to watch someone DEVELOP in developmental. Like, yeah, Finn Balor and Nakamura are wonderful, but no one in NXT can take credit for anything they already brought to the table, ya know?