Best/Worst Heel Turns

Greetings! Kyle here from The Obtuse Angles Wrestling Podcast! Have a topic for an upcoming episode that I think would generate scintillating discussion for the blog: What are the greatest and worst heel/babyface turns of all time? Hogan? Savage? Colin Delaney?

​So many great ones to discuss (Savage turns on Hogan, Andersons turn on Dusty, Savage turns again at WM7) but I feel like the truly bad ones don’t get enough discussion on the blog.

1. Sting turns heel in 1999. This was not only poorly executed, it also didn’t stick because no one wanted to boo him. Plus he didn’t do anything that was particularly dastardly.

2. Goldberg turns heel in 2000. This was a horrible combination of bad circumstances (overhyped in advance, killed the character and more importantly killed him off as a money-drawing character), but it was desperate times for WCW anyway.

3. 90% of the Big Show or Kane turns.

4. Daniel Bryan joins the Wyatt Family. Talk about a tone deaf character change forced onto the crowd and then soundly rejected in turn.

5. Sgt. Slaughter returns from being an Iraqi sympathizer because his career isn’t going well since then, and he "wants his country back". Who exactly is supposed to be sympathetic to THAT?

6. Steve Austin turns heel, duh.

That’s just off the top of my head. ​