Who do you want to see come back?

Is there any former WWE star that you REALLY want to see them re-sign?

For me it’s Kurt Angle. I really feel he has gotten his life back together and considering he is one of the greatest of all times it would be nice for him to return and make things right. (PS I do not believe this new report that he is definitely not coming back. This is wrestling, so you can’t believe anything. This could easily be a swerve to not ruin the surprise of his return. But if it is true I will be sad)

MVP would be a good one as you mentioned but to be honest I’m almost more surprised that they’d call him than even Angle because while Kurt’s run ended on bad terms he has been very respectful whenever he has talked about WWE since then; whereas MVP has said many negative things including how racist the company is.

I’d like to see Shelton Benjamin get one more run. He could have some amazing matches with some of the young guys. Carlito could maybe save the awful Colon Puerto Rico gimmick. Jobn Morrison would be good but pretty sure his Lucha contract is pretty lock solid.

Don’t care to see RVD, don’t care to see Rey. The Hardy’s for unintentional comedy, Brother Nero? Is there anyone else of interest?

​I’d really like to see Johnny Mundo get his shot at the top, although I feel like he’d just be another Ziggler-esque midcard geek again if they brought him back as a warm body. But he’s someone who could legit break through to the top spots if they brought him back again and gave him a big push. And apparently his contract with LU is not as solid as assumed and he didn’t actually sign the standard 7 year deal.
Angle maybe as a one-time thing where he answered John Cena’s US Open deal would have great, but I don’t want to see him destroying his body on a regular basis again.

Carlito is great when he’s motivated, but he never is. It’s not worth having him around and dealing with him.

It’ll never happen in a million years, but they should steal Dario Cueto and maybe Matanza, plus some of Lucha Underground’s writers. ​