WWF Wrestling Challenge – September 4th, 1988

September 4, 1988

From the Hara Arena in Dayton, OH

Your hosts are Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action this week are the Rockers, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, King Haku, Ted DiBiase, and Jake Roberts. Plus, the Brother Love Show with Ron Bass and more.


Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Trent Knight

Jake works the arm to start. Knight takes him down but Jake returns the favor then goes back to working the arm. We hear from Rude in an insert promo, asking Jake if he knows where his wife is while bragging about putting her face on his tights, which amuses Heenan. Jake uses a chinlock then clotheslines Knight off of the apron. Jake rolls Knight back inside then hits the DDT for the win (2:50). After the match, Jake dumps Damien on top of Knight.

Thoughts: The Jake/Rude feud remains as one of the top TV feuds in the company, still going strong after four months. Too bad they did not have many good matches together. In fact, most of them were bad.


WWF Special Report with Craig DeGeorge. This is to tell us that the Ultimate Warrior defeated the Honky Tonk Man at SummerSlam to win the WWF Intercontinental Title.


Brad Anderson & Chuck Striker vs. The Bolsheviks w/ Slick

The Bolsheviks take control as we get an insert promo from the Powers of Pain as they will not show mercy to the Bolsheviks. Back to the match as Heenan talks about how Elizabeth should be suspended for what she did at SummerSlam then leaves to prepare King Haku for his match. Volkoff hits Anderson with a backbreaker then holds him up as Zhukov comes off the top with an elbow for the win (2:52).

Thoughts: Looks like the Bolsheviks/Powers of Pain program will continue. Why, I have no idea. The Bolsheviks were a terrible team.


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center. We hear from Hercules, who tells us he is the strongest man in wrestling and trains every single day. Bobby Heenan was not with him. George Steele is shown next, holding his Mine Doll as he repeats his name and plays with its arm.


Frenchy Martin mumbles in French before telling us that he loves the WWF Ice Cream Bars.


King Haku w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Bob Emery

Haku beats on Emery to start. He misses a charge then Emery hits a pair of armdrags as he regroups with Heenan. Haku is then shown cutting a promo in his native tongue on Hulk Hogan as he starts tossing Emery around before putting him away with a thrust kick (2:24).

Thoughts: The King Haku gimmick is just not working at all. Whoever thought this was the gimmick to give Haku a solo push must have been on the good stuff that week.


Mooney is back in the Event Center. We hear from the One Man Gang and Slick, who calls Gang his biggest and greatest. He then says that Gang is destined to become the WWF Champion in 1988. After that, the Hart Foundation say they will go back to the top without Jimmy Hart as Neidhart is pissed at the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers for disrespecting the American Flag. They continue to hint towards a Rougeaus/Hart Foundation feud.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Tony Sober

Sober attacks Duggan before the bell. Duggan comes back with a clothesline then hammers away as Sober rolls out for a breather. Duggan amps up the crowd as Sober lands a few knee smashes in the corner. Duggan catches Sober with a hip toss as we hear from Frenchy Martin & Dino Bravo in an insert promo as they challenge Duggan, who stays in control until hitting the Three Point Stance (2:58).

Thoughts: They are starting to really lay the groundwork for the Duggan/Bravo feud.


Brother Love Show with guest Ron Bass. He tells Bass how much his attack on Beefcake made him happy as Bass himself talks about Beefcake cutting up his personal property then rants some more as the camera zooms in on his face while he is holding up his spurs. Shorter than most Brother Love segments, as Brother Love did not have his lengthy preamble. It was truly for the best.


Dusty Wolfe & Larry Stevens vs. The Rockers

The Rockers take control to start as the action gets clunky. The ring clears as the Rockers hit stereo pescados as the crowd goes nuts. Back inside, the Rockers stay in control until Wolfe catches Jannetty with a right hand. Stevens tags as Jannetty takes care of him as the Rockers work him over until hitting the Rockerplex for the win (3:22).

Thoughts: The Rockers continue to get over and are more than ready to be put into a feud.


Big Bossman w/ Slick vs. Bobo Reeds

Bossman takes Reeds down with a headbutt then catches him with a clothesline as Slick yells “Hey homes! Get up homes!” at Reeds until Bossman hits the sidewalk slam for the win (1:27). After the match, Bossman cuffs Reeds and beats him with the nightstick.

Thoughts: I really liked the Slick and Bossman pairing. And the WWF did a great job at making Bossman look like a force from his debut.


Koko B. Ware hypes his own watch that we can buy.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Dave Stoudemire

DiBiase knocks Stoudemire down the brags but walks into a pair of armdrags. DiBiase boots Stoudemire on a charge then sends him out to the floor. Back inside, DiBiase continues to destroy Stoudemire before putting him away with the Million Dollar Dream (3:52).

Thoughts: A win for DiBiase, who is pretty much done in his feud with Savage. They still did another month of house show title matches after this aired.


Mooney is once again in the Event Center. We are shown the same promos the Killer Bees cut from “Superstars of Wrestling” before Bad News Brown tells us he is still undefeated and his opponents always go back defeated to their wives and ugly kids as he calls out Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. Bad News was old and slow here but could still cut good promos.


In action next week will be George Steele, King Haku, Demolition and the debut of the Blue Blazer.


Final Thoughts: Now that SummerSlam is over, the WWF is back to focusing on their feuds and creating new ones in the process. They are also focusing on the newer talent, who would be featured a lot more as the year ended. But now, there are still a lot of the older guard in the company.


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