Wrestling Observer Flashback–02.16.87

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Uh oh, Jim Crockett’s expansion starts to piss some people off…

– Lead story is that Jim Crockett is getting more daring with expanding into the territories of the good ‘ol NWA promoters, while basically running in opposition to the NWA while calling himself the NWA.  So a group of the losing promoters (Duke Keomuka, The Fullers, Bob Geigel and Fritz Von Erich) are all planning to get together to form a new NWA and take Crockett down.

– I’ll pause here for your laughter to finish before I continue.

– Dave’s assessment of their chances is that “working together is not one of the strongest qualities afforded to wrestling promoters”, but if you add up all the talent that these guys have to use, there’s not much there.  It might amount to trading Bruiser Brody and Kevin Von Erich between Florida and Alabama, but other than that it doesn’t appear that Crockett needs to be worried.

– The card for Wrestlemania III will be finalized by 2/21, with 11 matches announced and a 12th to come, which will be a gimmick match of some sort.  Rumors continue to fly that Vince McMahon will be wrestling Jesse Ventura, but Dave is pretty sure Vince has more important things to do that night.

– The UWF held their tag team tournament in Fort Worth on 2/7, with the surprise winners being Terry Taylor and Chris Adams.  Adams was actually just released from prison two days earlier and looked to be in tremendous shape, unlike certain other people being released from prison around this same time.  The original teams in the tournament were actually Taylor/Sam Houston and Adams/Iceman Parsons.  Adams and Parsons made it to the finals after a couple of upsets, but beat Williams & Dibiase after Akbar’s crew attacked Dibiase on the floor and Williams was counted out trying to help him.  Adams didn’t want to win that way and an enraged Parsons asked him if he “had been in the slammer too long”, resulting in the breakup of the team right there.  So they flipped a coin to see who would face Steiner & Sting in the finals, and Adams picked Savannah Jack, resulting in Parsons attacking HIM and bloodying him up.  Finally after another standby match, Adams chose Terry Taylor and they beat Steiner & Sting to win the belts in a **** match.  That all just sounds tremendous.

– Next up, Dave just savages the Supertowns show on TBS, and rightly so, declaring that it’s clear why Crockett is #2 to Hogan and Vince.  He’s still a big fan, but the show was a 2.5 hour waste of time.  That’s almost being kind.  To the review!

1.  Barry Windham pinned Arn Anderson with a rollup at 15:05 in a slow TV match.  **1/2

2.  Brad Armstrong beat Jimmy Garvin by DQ when he gets thrown over the top.  1/2*

3.  The Mod Squad retained the Central States tag titles over the Batten Twins.  **1/4

4.  Tully Blanchard retained the TV title over Dusty Rhodes in a match with tons of interference that was mainly clowning.  *1/2

5.  Ric Flair retained the World title over Nikita Koloff when they went to a double countout.  Match was good, but they literally did the exact same match move-for-move in two previous cities.  ***

6.  The Road Warriors beat the Midnight Express in a scaffold match in 3:00, which kind of ruins their videotape business, Dave thinks.  *1/2

Dave also lists the match with the Rock N Roll Express v. The Russians, which he forgets the finish to, but notes it was so horrible that he already forgot the match and where it was.  *1/2



– First up, Dynamite Kid wasn’t literally taken out of traction and flown down to Tampa.  He was actually out of traction about a week prior.  He still had no business wrestling, however.

– The NWF did not lose their syndication deal, they just changed syndicators.

– Ricky Steamboat’s appearance on Sidekicks was actually filmed BEFORE they did the throat injury angle, back in October.

– OK, back to the news.

– Mike Von Erich is currently on trial for punching a doctor in May of 85, facing a year in the slammer for misdemeanor assault.  Mike is claiming it was inadvertent, but it’s still getting all kinds of negative play in the Texas newspapers.

– Jim Crockett tried to take his act to Toronto to cash in on the hot Ontario area with shows there on 2/15 (with the usual card from around this time – Flair v. Koloff, Dusty v. Tully, etc) but wouldn’t you know that Jack Tunney suddenly wanted to run shows both in Hamilton and Toronto on the same day and booked the cities before Crockett had a chance to get proper paperwork from the athletic commission.  The commission then decided to deny Crockett’s shows because there were already too many wrestling shows booked for the same day, but co-promoter Angelo Mosca whined to the newspapers and they backed down on the subject.  Crockett then plans to run Boston and the Pontiac Silverdome the week after Wrestlemania, which Dave thinks is completely suicidal.

– One more correction from Dave, this time on Hulk’s fictional backstory.  Hulk is currently claiming to be a finance graduate at the University of South Florida who got a job at the bank after graduation and decided to become a wrestler after seeing the big money they would deposit after the shows.  Someone actually contacted the University and discovered that Hogan in fact dropped out in his sophomore year.

– To the WWF, where not only did the Savage v. Bruno match that Dave swore would never happen, happen, but it actually sold out the Boston Garden for the first time since 1985.

– JYD has missed a bunch of dates, but he’s safe for the moment because of all the time and merchandise money invested into him.

– Piper did a rare pinfall job to Adrian Adonis at the Nassau Coliseum, when Andre the Giant turned heel as ref and held him down while Adonis made the cover.

– The Duggan v. Kamala match for Wrestlemania has been scrapped because Duggan won’t debut on TV until after 2/21, which is the official announcement date for the full card.

– Although Sam Houston jumped to the UWF, wife Baby Doll did not because he’s still technically under contract to Crockett and hasn’t been released.

– To Crockett, where Dave wonders if the same people who hated on Vince for expanding into other territories will give the same hate to Crockett.  In either case he feels both are totally justified in doing so.

– They actually did a double show in Richmond VA and Baltimore at the SAME TIME, using the same headliners.  Basically they started the Baltimore show late, and stretched out the prelim matches to ridiculous degree while they rushed through the Richmond show and then put everyone on a private jet to Baltimore that arrived at midnight.  So here’s what the people in Baltimore got for the first couple of hours:

Dutch Mantell defeated Ricky Lee Jones in 14:00
Baron Von Raschke defeated Thunderfoot in 15:00
Hector Guerrero fought Denny Brown to a draw in 20:00
Bobby Jaggers defeated Shaska Whatley 13:00

Finally at that point the main guys started showing up, so the Rock N Roll Express stretched it out a bit further against Rude & Fernandez for another 20 minutes and then all the actual advertised matches started.

– Dave does some shot-in-the-dark guessing at the Crockett Cup this year, and thinks that Dusty & Nikita will have to win based on the sappy Magnum TA exploitation, which then leaves Barry Windham to challenge for the World title against Flair in the main event.  Pretty good shooting!

– In World Class, Dingo Warrior won the Texas title from Bob Bradley while the building emptied out around them, which makes Dave note that “Dingomania isn’t running wild here.”  Foreshadowing a bit there.

– Also, John Nord will be coming in as Nord the Barbarian and getting a big push, which is one John Nord prediction that Dave actually did get right this time.

– In the Northwest, Jesse Barr’s younger brother Art Barr has started his wrestling career.

– Dave had actually promised not to make fun of Dingo Warrior for a while but he looked so stupid during a match on Pro Wrestling This Week that he just can’t help himself.  And then pretty soon he’ll spend about two years solid making fun of him.  Glad I’d never stoop to that kind of thing.

Kerry Von Erich Stupidity

– Quiet, dank meme!  No one asked you!

– To Memphis, where Dave clarifies that Lawler’s surgery was minor and not wrestling-related.

– To Japan, where superheavyweight former sumo star John Tenta is set to debut in March, after breaking his leg in December.  He also had visa problems due to breaking up with his Japanese fiancée, which means that he’s no longer allowed to work year-round.

– Bam Bam Bigelow is getting over big against Inoki, as he debuted with the nuclear splash on him and they’ve been selling out ever since.

– And finally, Dave never does give us his promised diatribe against people stealing his shit, but ends the issue with “copyright 1987 by Dave Meltzer, all rights reserved.”  I could tell you more, but you’ll have to call the wrestling hotline to find out!  Only $9.99 a minute, kids get permission from Danimal or Dougie before calling.