Ring of Honor The Conclusion – November 28th, 2003

November 28, 2003

From Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT

Your hosts are Chris Levy and Ray Murrow


Gary Michael Cappetta is in the ring as he tells the crowd tonight we will see the final chapter in the CM Punk vs. Raven feud. The referee is holding several envelopes that contains match stipulations as Cappetta picks on and opens it up, revealing it will be a steel cage match. Punk then walks out and orders Cappetta out of the ring. Punk is holding up a picture of Lucy as he said there was a time when all he wanted to do was wrestle. He mentions how much he has sacrificed by wrestling three nights a week for two years, from Canada to Florida and wrestle for little to no money or satisfaction. Punk talks about wrestling interfering with his personal life and how he chose wrestling. However, sometimes the sacrifice becomes too much as he talks about stepping over people to get where he is today. Punk then talks down a heckler to the delight of the crowd before talking about how he met Lucy and how all she ever wanted to do was entertain. Punk talks about being happy by traveling with her until she got taken out at the “Wrath of the Racket” show. Punk mentions that Steve Corino told him that Christopher Daniels was behind the attack as Punk tells all of the “marks” he will ruin everything about this show until he finds out what happened to Lucy as he refuses to leave until he finds out all of the information pertaining to the attack. Hopefully, we will get some closure to the Lucy storyline soon. Punk came off as a whiny and moody heel here as well. This also sets up the theme of the show.


Colt Cabana is back with “Good Times, Great Memories” as he talks about the Field of Honor Tournament. Cabana says he will show the Prophecy they are nothing as he is not here to be funny or entertaining, just to show that he will prove that the Second City Saints are the best. He then welcomes his guest, J-Train, as he holds up a CD of his. J-Train then sings “Mary Jane” as Cabana dances in the background and plays the harmonica. This ends with them singing all sorts of songs.


Outkast Killaz vs. Backseat Boyz

The Killaz use a sneak attack to start. They stay in control for a bit until the Backseat Boyz come back with a double clothesline. Acid catches Tortuga with a missile dropkick then Tortuga saves his partner from the T Gimmick as they duck outside. They brawl out on the floor then Santiago grabs Acid’s ring from the floor as the Killaz are back in control. Kashmere is back as Santaigo gets dumped. The Backseat Boyz almost get the win with a powerbomb/neckbreaker comnbo then hit Santiago with the Dream Sequence. Acid breaks up a double–team then the Boyz hit Tortuga with the T Gimmick for the win (4:04) *.

Thoughts: Not much of a match and seemingly designed just to give the Backseat Boyz a win.


After the match, Punk comes out to ask the Backseat Boyz about Lucy but gets blown off. Punk talks about he will ruin the entire show until he gets an answer. A referee asks him to leave because there is a match coming up between John Walters and Homicide. Punk gives Walters s---, telling him he does not even have a job here yet then thanks the crowd for chanting Walters name, saying he had no idea who he was. Punk then leaves and heads up the aisle as Homicide walks out to the ring. Punk approaches Homicide, who is smiling at him as he heads down to the ring. Punk clowning on Walters was funny but more importantly, they set up a potential Homicide/Punk program with their interaction.


John Walters vs. Homicide w/ Julius Smokes

This is billed as the “present vs. future” match. They start off trading holds, frequently ending in stalemates. Walters refuses to back down as things are heating up, with Homicide kicking away a handshake attempt. Walters hits a suplex for a two count then they struggle for position on the mat. They continue to go back-and-forth in a fast-paced sequence that ends with Walters hitting a tope on the outside. Walters stretches Homicide out in the ropes then starts working the leg as he applies a Muta Lock. Homicide heads up top but Walters cuts him off and hits a superplex as the camera shows a gash on Walters’ back. Both men are down then Walters hits a back suplex as Levy believes Walters will be a main eventer in 2004. Homicide catches Walters in the corner then drops a knee from the middle rope as Walters rolls out to the floor as the announcers sell that he is seriously hurt. Back inside, Homicide gets two with a neckbreaker. Piledriver gets two as Walters grabs the ropes. Walters ducks a lariat but Homicide lands on his feet after a German suplex attempt and hits a dropkick. Walters rolls outside where Homicide flies out with a tope con hilo. Walters lands on the apron after an Irish whip and gets two off of a missile dropkick. Walters breaks up a piledriver then hits a stunner as Homicide was on his back as that gets two. I liked that move. A dueling chant breaks out then Homicide drops Walters down then they have a reversal sequence that ends with Walters hitting a lungblower. Walters gets a nearfall with a Dragon Suplex but Homicide fights back and attacks the back of the neck before getting the win with a STF (11:23) ***1/4. After the match, they shake hands before Homicide calls out Corino regarding their match tomorrow, promising he will retire Corino and that it will be the last time Corino’s son will see his family.

Thoughts: Good match. This present vs. future stuff was another theme of the night here as they were trying to feature newer talents in a more prominent position. Walters was fine in the ring but had zero personality with this gimmick.


Matt Stryker talks about his match against Xavier in the Field of Honor Block Finals. He wants the old stars to step aside as the new ones are coming as he promises to show us all that he is the best. At best, you can say Stryker is generic on the mic. Why he was pushed this hard is something I will never figure out.


Hotstuff Hernandez & Fast Eddie vs. Spanish Announce Team vs. Carnage Crew vs. Cloudy & Dixie w/ Special K

This is under scramble rules. Jose and Devito start things off as the announcers mention how Fred the Elephant Boy from the “Howard Stern Show” is in attendance. Joel gets two with a leg lariat but after that DeVito blocks a headscissor attempt with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. The camera shows Fred on the floor wearing a Special K t-shirt as Fast Eddie tags in and works with Joel, who hits a hurricarana. Fast Eddie hits a DDT off of a springboard as that gets two. Loc comes in as do the Special K guys as the match breaks down. Loc fights off the Special K guys then Hernandez chops the ever living s--- out of Cloudy before launching him into the corner as the fans go insane. Hernandez then pushes Eddie off of the top on to Dixie as the match breaks down again. The Carnage Crew hit a few double-team moves until Special K runs in as Cloudy gets two with a top rope leg drop. The SAT’s catch Cloudy and hit the Washing Machine then we get some more chaotic action. The SAT’s beat on Hernandez as Joel DDT’s him off of Jose’s shoulder for a nearfall. Everyone is in the ring until Hernandez takes them out as he proceeds to then toss his partner out on the floor onto everyone. Hernandez follows with a tope then Hydro and Angel Dust try to interfere as Hydro, who is now apparently part of the match, gets hit with the Spanish Fly as the SAT’s get the win (8:56) **1/2. The announcers say that the SAT’s are now the #1 contenders.

Thoughts: An entertaining trainwreck match. Hernandez looked like a star here too. The crowd was crazy into him but this ended up being is final RoH appearance so they did not have a chance to do anything with him off of this performance.


BJ Whitmer tells us he came close to being on top of the company at Wrath of the Racket as he puts over the Block Finals in the Field of Honor as he goes up against Dan Maff and Colt Cabana. He says the only way he will walk out of the match a loser if is someone knocks him out. After that, we hear from Maff, calling himself the baddest man in the Field of Honor. He then asks Cabana if he thinks this is all a joke, saying he pisses on the Second City Saints as they have nothing on the Prophecy. Maff then tells us he needs the Field of Honor trophy, calling it his tree as he will make it his territory. A lot of urine references here by Maff. He has great intensity with his promos but sometimes comes off way too goofy, like he did here.


Jimmy Rave vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels w/ Allison Danger

This is another “future vs. present” match. Daniels works a side headlock on the mat to start. Rave escapes and works the arm as the announcers mention how AJ Styles has been Rave’s mentor. They continue working on the mat as neither man can gain a substantial advantage. Rave then hits a few armdrags before applying an armbar as he is now in control. Rave stays on the arm as he is impressing here. He rolls through a Northern Lights Suplex and applies a cross armbreaker but Danger distracts the referee. Rave gets pissed and shoves Danger but that allowed Daniels to knock him outside. Daniels then sends Rave into the guardrail with a baseball slide as he goes outside to inflict more pain. Back inside, Daniels hits a pair of slams as he works the back of Rave while he is selling his arm. Daniels hits a suplex before hitting a slingshot elbow drop on the back. Daniels puts on a crossface but Rave was able to reach the ropes. Rave fights back with forearm smashes but eats boot on a charge then Daniels once again targets the back. He stretches out Rave across his knee then sends him down with an enziguiri that gets two. Blue Thunder Driver gets two. Rave counters an Angel Wings attempt then hits a Shining Wizard as both men are down. Rave is up first and chops away. He hits an overhead suplex then hits a backbreaker/suplex combo for a nearfall. Daniels floats over on a back suplex and hits an STO then follows with an Arabian Press as he knees land on the back. Rave blocks a suplex and hits an inverted DDT for two as both men are hurting. Rave tries a few rollups but fails to put Daniels away. Rave tries to put on a crossface but Daniels blocks that with an STO. Daniels then his the BME before putting Rave away with the Last Rites (13:28) ***1/2. After the match, Punk heads to the ring and questions Daniels where he was when Lucy got attacked as Corino is blaming him for the incident. Punk then tells Daniels he is afraid of him and the Second City Saints. Daniels tells Punk he does not care about the Second City Saints, because they have not done a thing in Ring of Honor. He then tells Punk that Corino cannot be trusted and if Punk wants to believe he attacked Lucy, then do so as Punk is probably not capable of handling the truth.

Thoughts: Really good match. This was easily Rave’s best performance to date. He was excellent here and having Daniels work with him was a great idea. Daniels carried a lot of youngsters to good matches during this time. I liked the end too with Daniels having Punk question is informal allegiance with Corino.


Xavier tells everyone he is the all-around best. However, John Walters interrupts and tells Xavier if they face off again, he will win and proposes they wrestle one more time as he will be the won on his back. Xavier then proposes they wrestle in Boston and that he can beat him cleanly, stating he cheats for the fun of it to piss him and the fans off. Walters asks Xavier to show some integrity and shake his hand but Xavier blows him off. Xavier was fine as a midcard cocky heel with a smaller promotion


Josh Daniels vs. Steve Corino w/ Guillotine LeGrande

This time, Corino’s personal ring announcer addresses fans and “internet message board losers” before listing off a bunch of midget wrestlers, including Taz. Daniels himself is quite short. The match starts with Daniels working the arm. Allison Danger joins on commentary to complain about CM Punk as the announcers ask her about Corino, her brother, and his potential involvement regarding the Lucy attack. Danger gets upset and leaves as Corino sidesteps a crossbody and takes Daniels down as is in control of the match. Daniels catches Corino in a Northern Lights suplex and follows with a clothesline as the action picks up. Corino decks Daniels and jaws with the fans as he heads up top but Daniels cuts him off and keeps fighting back until he hits a superplex as both men are down. Daniels finally covers but is only able to get two. Corino breaks a waistlock with a low blow but Daniels cuts him off again and hits a German suplex for two. Corino starts to fight back and gets two with a Northern Lights Bomb. They trade chops in the corner until Corino catches him with the Colbykaze for two. Corino then hits another Northern Lights Bomb as Daniels kicks out of that as Corino is shocked. Daniels fights back but LeGrande grabs his leg as Corino drills him with a super kick. The ref yells at LeGrande then as Corino places Daniels up top, Homicide runs out to hit an Ace Crusher as Daniels flies off the top with a diving headbutt and gets the upset win as the crowd goes nuts (10:38) **1/2. After the match, Corino gets pissed off and storms out back and sees Homicide in the stairway and starts firing away as a crowd of wrestlers and other guys break it up. Corino then leaves the building with his entourage and flips out on Doug Gentry and Rob Feinstein, stating he quit and that this company is not drawing because they are not putting him over.

Thoughts: I liked the surprise ending, although you can easily make the argument that someone with a bit more promise than Daniels should have gotten the win. The match told a simple story of the veteran not taking the smaller and younger talent seriously as the young guy refuses to back down.


In the locker room, AJ Styles is berating Jimmy Rave, accusing him of not listening and needing a spark. Gary Micheal Cappetta asks AJ if he is being too hard as AJ said if he wanted to, he can beat the crap out of him. AJ then said that Rave is a good kid with a lot of potential before Cappetta asks him about teaming with Samoa Joe tonight against the Briscoes for the RoH Tag Team Titles. AJ said he will soon hold not only the Tag Team Titles, but also the RoH World Title as well. Punk walks in and says if he knows what happened to Lucy in Dayton but he walks away. Punk then questions Cappetta, who also does not know anything. AJ was quite cocky and a touch insincere here. I did like his mentor storyline with Rave though.


Field of Honor Block A Finals: Matt Stryker vs. Xavier

These two are talking-trash right out the gate. The match starts with the two aggressively trying to jockey for position. They now start brawling until Stryker works a side headlock. Stryker gets two with a crucifix before grounding Xavier again. Stryker gets crotched on the top rope and falls outside as Xavier acts cocky and holds the ropes open for him. He then shoves Stryker off of the apron and starts throwing some soft punches as some guy at the crowd says “c’mon, I hit my wife harder.” Back inside, Xavier works over the neck. Xavier then works a camel clutch before switching to a cross armbreaker that Stryker breaks with a rollup. Stryker fights back but Xavier takes him double axe handle for two. He heads up top but Stryker cuts him off and hits a belly-to-belly suplex as both men are down, with the crowd firmly behind Stryker. They get up and trade punches  then work a reversal sequence until Stryker catches him with a discus forearm. Quebrada gets two. Suplex gets two. Powerslam gets two. Xavier manages a rollup but gets booted down as Stryker applies the Stryker Lock. Xavier reaches the ropes then tries for a La Magistral but Stryker blocks that for a nearfall. They have a struggle then Stryker hits the Death Valley Driver for the win (13:48) **1/2.

Thoughts: The match was okay but these guys lost me at the end. Stryker is boring in general but this crowd was red-hot all night long and into this match. Stryker is now in the finals of the Field of Honor, which has been underwhelming to say the least.


Field of Honor Block B Finals:BJ Whitmer vs. Dan Maff  w/ Allison Danger vs. Colt Cabana

The crowd loves Cabana. The match starts with Cabana watching Maff and Whitmer lockup until they realize Cabana is there doing nothing and hit him with a double clothesline. They then take turns hitting Cabana with chops before tossing him outside. Maff and Whitmer trade strikes until Cabana pulls the ropes down on Maff and hits Whitmer with a crossbody in a heavily edited segment. Cabana and Whitmer trade rollups until Maff pulls Whitmer outside as they start brawling. Maff beats on both guys both outside and inside of the ring until Cabana trips him up as he went for a cannonball. Cabana works the neck of both guys at the same time for a bit as this match is just a mess right now. Maff suplexes both guys at once then tries to put Whitmer in hte Burning Hammer but Whitmer uses a DDT/Flatliner combo to take both men down as everyone is on the mat. They all trade suplexes before Whitmer and Maff work a mistimed sequence. Whitmer wins that before hitting Cabana with a wrist-clutch exploder for the victory (7:47) *1/4. After the match, Punk comes out to question them about Lucy as Maff tells him he and the Prophecy had nothing to do with it as Whitmer tells him off for interrupting his celebration. Whitmer then swears at Punk for stealing his thunder.

Thoughts: This match sucked. Not sure if it was edited or not but it was a clusterfuck in the worst possible way and they were unable to work well together. Hell, even the crowd was dead for this crap. The Field of Honor is now set with a BJ Whitmer vs. Matt Stryker finals, to the delight of very few.


RoH Tag Team Title Match: AJ Styles & Samoa Joe vs. The Briscoes (c)

Mark and AJ start things off trading holds as the announcers talk about how Joe will be defending the RoH World Title against AJ tomorrow night. Joe and Jay are in now as they go back-and-forth as well. Joe grapevines the leg but Jay makes it to the ropes. Joe sends Jay down after getting kicked in the face then tags AJ, who hits a neckbreaker for two. Dropkick gets two. Joe tags in but Mark hits him with a flying knee smash. Joe catches Mark in the corner with a STO then tries for a powerbomb but Jay breaks that up. AJ then runs in and leaps over Joe to hit a floating DDT in a sick spot as the fans applaud. The Briscoes roll outside as Joe & AJ fly out with stereo planchas. Back inside, AJ beats on Mark until Jay interferes as the Briscoes are in control. Jay tags and chops AJ before hitting a flying forearm in the corner. The Briscoes cut off the ring and make quick tags, using crisp double-team moves in the process. They stomp AJ behind the referee’s back then AJ blocks an attack and hits a brainbuster on Jay for two. Mark drags Jay to the corner and makes the switch behind the ref’s back as Mark gets two with a back suplex. AJ fights back and tries for the Phenomenon then grabs Jay when he comes in and hits them both with a DDT. AJ finally tags out after that as Joe runs wild. Joe has Mark in a STF but he grabbed the ropes. Joe works a cross armbreaker that Jay breaks up then AJ tags and hits a running neckbreaker for two. The Briscoes then hit AJ with a backdrop/powerbomb combo that gets two. AJ catches Jay with a suplex then tags Joe, who slaps him around. Mark comes in to attack Joe and knock AJ off the top. The Briscoes climb up top but AJ yanks Mark down then Joe kicks Jay as everyone is down on the mat. They get up and brawl then Joe beats the piss out of Mark after getting hit with a suplex. AJ accidentally hits Joe with a discus clothesline then gets dumped outside as Mark hits a picture-perfect shooting star press for the win (15:45) ***3/4. After the match, they shake hand then AJ tells Joe that tomorrow night, the RoH Title is his.

Thoughts: Really good match. Plus, it set up nicely for the AJ vs. Joe title match tomorrow night. The Briscoes looked excellent here, probably the best they have been to date.



Steel Cage Match: CM Punk vs. Raven

Punk attacks Raven before he entered the cage. Punk goes outside and starts beating on Raven, even using a chair. They finally take it inside where Punk continues his beat down, even using Raven’s drop toehold into the chair spot. The announcers are calling Punk a “sissy” for crying about a girl then Raven reverses an Irish whip as Punk leaps off the chair onto the top rope until Raven throws the chair in his face. Raven starts tossing Punk around then busts him open before hitting a falling headbutt to the groin. Raven gets a nearfall after a few knee lifts then goes back to destroying Punk. He sends Punk into the chair with a drop toehold as that gets two. Punk is wearing the crimson mask here as Raven is just driving his knee into the back of Punk’s head then hits a piledriver on a chair but that only gets two. Punk keeps kicking out then boots the chair into Raven’s face as he finally has an opening. Punk whacks Raven in the back with a chair and wedges that into the corner where he hits Raven with a Russian leg sweep. Punk chokes out Raven with the chair then whips him into the cage as Raven is also busted open. Both men are down after sends Punk into the cage then Raven misses a charge and flies into the cage. Punk torpedoes Raven into the cage as Punk’s face and hair are completely red. Punk tries a flying elbow drop but Raven uses the chair as a shield. Punk then locks on a sleeper that Raven counters with a back suplex as both men are down again. They block each other from escaping through the door then Punk tries to climb out. He gets to the top of the cage then turns around as he tries a leg drop but Raven rolled out of the way. Both men are down then Raven gets up and hits a few clotheslines and a lariat as the crowd goes nuts. He grabs the chair and misses a swing but hits Punk on the rebound but that only gets two. Raven charges but Punk cuts him off with a knee smash as that gets two. Raven gets two with a small package but runs into a super kick after that as Punk heads to the door. However, he says its too easy and starts climbing. Raven gets up and crotches Punk on the door. However, Punk whips the door at Raven then jumps down and wins the match (17:45) ****. After the match, Punk grabs the mic and talks about how he is at the breaking point and tomorrow night he will find out who attacked Lucy if its the last thing he does.

Thoughts: Much better than their previous cage match. This was a great way to blowoff the feud and Punk going over was the right call, especially since this was Raven’s last match in the company. It also lets us know that the Lucy storyline will spill into the following night.


We are shown Gary Michael Cappetta, who is sitting with Whitmer and Stryker for the Field of Honor Finals contract signing. Cappetta tells us that all the journalists like Mike Johnson and Dave Meltzer are here. They were not for those wondering. Stryker then asks Whitmer about Punk stealing his thunder as Whitmer calls Punk an “inconsiderate prick” as Stryker tells Whitmer how they faced off in a 15-minute draw before and how this is the biggest thing in his career and while his friend now, he will beat the hell out of him in the finals on December 27th. Whitmer talks about how every day he works at getting a little bit quicker and stronger and when they face off, he will be just a little bit better. They sign the contract after that. Neither guy came off looking like a star here, which is terrible considering all of the time spent on building up this tournament.


Special K are looking for a room to party in as they see Raven pissed off in the locker room. Dixie then offers him some pills to “cheer him up” as Raven tells them to leave the girl as Becky Bayless stays and the door shuts.


Final Thoughts: The Field of Honor stuff aside, this was an excellent show. They were trying to push some of the newer talent here and that was met with varied results. The last two matches were really good and the company is starting to build up feuds and even teasing some for the future. Not everything is perfect here but the company is starting to build momentum.


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