Wrestling Observer Flashback–02.09.87

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Hey, Sid Jr. is back on Big Brother again this season!  Now I have someone to cheer for.  And I know how much you all love and enjoy my excitement about Big Brother, almost as much as Danimal’s fast food reviews and my dank memes, I bet!

– The big angle to come out of the WWF TV taping in Tampa was of course the Hart Foundation winning their first tag team title over the British Bulldogs.  Kid had to be flown in from the hospital and carried down on Davey Boy’s back (which was the first and only time Davey ever carried Dynamite, I bet).  He then spent the entire match on the floor selling an attack from the Harts while Danny Davis ignored all of Davey’s pinfall attempts on the Harts and attended to the Kid instead.  Dave notes that the Harts are merely interim champions because Vince is going to put all his eggs into the Can-Am Connection basket and they’ll likely have the belts by March.

– Also during that same taping, Danny Davis was fired by Jack Tunney during a Tito Santana squash match, and then at the end of the taping came out in his wrestling gear as the newest member of the Hart Foundation.  Crazy that all this stuff happened at the same show, because as a kid it was killing me having to wait week to week for the story to progress.

– More classic Meltzer understatement: “It’s all official right now, Andre is a heel, managed by Bobby Heenan, and Hogan would up accepting his challenge for a title match after an incident where Hogan bleeds.”

– Hogan will be scaling back his work schedule after Wrestlemania (SCALING IT BACK?!? How is that even possible?) because he’s apparently doing some sort of movie for Vince.  Timeline’s not right to be No Holds Barred so I have no idea what that was supposed to be.  Dave notes that they’ll have to find a new top babyface, which could be why they wanted Duggan so badly, since Roddy Piper hasn’t been working out as a top guy and the Steamboat drawing power will only last as long as the Savage feud does.

– Jim Neidhart will probably go to trial for his airline incident shortly after Wrestlemania, and unless there’s a guarantee that he won’t serve time, the Harts will be dropping the titles to the Can-Ams before the trial even starts.

– Dave runs down the Wrestlemania card and he’s still convinced that it’ll be Hart Foundation v. Can –Am Connection for the tag titles there, or perhaps Hart Foundation & Danny Davis v. Can-Am Connection & Tito Santana, but either way, he’s pretty much 100% sure that Martel & Zenk will end up with the tag titles by the end of the show, if not sooner.  We’re not even off the first page and he’s already predicted THREE TIMES that the Can-Ams are getting the belts by March.  Also of interest, Duggan v. Kamala was originally planned for the show, and I’m not sure what happened there.

– To Crockett, where the Central States disaster is ready to be put to rest for good. Basically Crockett is pulling his guys out and whatever’s left of the territory will be booked by Bill Dundee out of Nashville.

– To the AWA, where the Rockers FINALLY won the tag titles from Rose & Somers on 1/27, legitimately this time, although they actually gave notice a week beforehand and this appears to be a ploy to get them to stay longer.  The show drew a whopping 750 to Bloomington, MN.

– Verne has also sold some of the company to Gary Rawn, who will carry the title of CEO.  His goal is to bring some new talent into the promotion to freshen it up, although Dave doesn’t see much talent actually available out there to bring in.

– Lots of turns and stuff happening in Crockett.  Ole Anderson will be turning as a result of the Luger addition.  Jimmy Garvin is also turning babyface, and Dick Murdoch turned heel on the Baron.

– The TBS “Supertowns on the Superstation” special is upcoming, but they’re barely even hyping it.  Eh, the show kind of sucked anyway.

– Ric Flair and Barry Windham started their series in St. Louis, doing a 58 minute match that was described as “incredible” by the people there.

– The Rock N Roll Express fan club is actually pulling in somewhere around $100,000 PER WEEK for Crockett right now.  And he still managed to piss all that money away!

– Whatever plans for the Big Red Machine there had been, they are no longer bringing him in.

– Magnum TA is slowly learning to walk again, but Dave stresses once again that he’s never coming back to wrestle again.

– With the death of Central States, Dundee will take his crew to Tennessee to form one new promotion, while Bob Geigel will form his own new promotion in Kansas City with guys like the Battens and Rufus R. Jones.  The Dundee thing must not have lasted long because he moved to the AWA with Lawler pretty soon into 1987.  Dave foresees the Geigel thing being an even bigger disaster than Central States was, and he was right.

– To Japan, where rookie sensation Chris Benoit has pretty much moved there full-time after Owen Hart rendered him obsolete in Stampede.  Dave thinks that Benoit should be a pretty good wrestler after a few weeks there.

– OK, remember how Scott Hall was previously booked in the AWA for all those matches and Verne kept advertising him even after he quit for months?  And then Hall actually came back and Verne was advertising him for main events against Bockwinkel again right away?  Well, Hall has quit again and moved to Florida, and one guess what Verne is advertising for all the upcoming main events.

– To Florida, where Lex Luger had a cage match with Bruiser Brody where things got a bit out of control and Brody apparently roughed him up with some crossfaces and humiliated him.  Luger screamed “Get the door open, he’s crazy!” and ran away from the match, all the way to Crockett.  Turns out the truth was not quite that dramatic, but regardless all the heels are on TV taking shots at the departed Luger anyway, calling him a coward who was last seen running away from a cage match.

– Since Crockett has cut ties with Florida and he controls the NWA champion, Kevin Von Erich will be brought in by Mike Graham as the new guy recognized as World champion in Flair’s place, since I guess they figure that the WCCW title is close enough that no one will notice.  Despite the strained relationship, Florida still bills itself as NWA wrestling.  I’m still not 100% clear on how we got from “Jim Crockett attempts to run Florida into the ground” to “Jim Crockett buys Florida and uses it as a feeder system for his own promotion”, but I’m sure we’ll get there.

– To the UWF, where Kengo Kimura is in as yet another Ninja, and Dave complains that there’s a million ninjas running around the country and none of them ever draw a dime.  Maybe if they feuded with pirates?

– Terry Gordy’s knee is all ripped up, which explains the leg wrap and giant brace that he’s been sporting (and would continue to sport for the rest of his career).

– Jim Duggan lost his last UWF match, a loser leaves town match, to One Man Gang, and the crowd was stunned into silence when he actually got pinned and lost clean.

– Back to the WWF, where Barry Darsow has already replaced Randy Culley in this Demolition team.

– 1/19 in MSG drew a whopping big gate of $265,000 for…need I say it…Hogan v. Kamala in the big blowoff where Hulk threw powder in his eyes and pinned him with the legdrop.  Kamala might have a point if Orndorff was getting huge money for the Hogan series and he apparently is selling out just as many shows and not getting paid.

– Dave has a new theory about why Piper isn’t drawing on top as a babyface:  Muraco and Orton have no heat and people just don’t want to see Adonis, period.  Case in point, when they did a Hogan-Adonis series, the matches drew really poorly, and if you can’t draw against Hogan what chance does Piper have drawing with you?

–  Jim Duggan debuts on 2/17 and will feud with Kamala and get a big push.  I think one of those things might have been true?

– Dave is still unsure what’s up with Lawler and his exploding testicle, and he doesn’t want to report further until he knows.

– Kerry Von Erich is scheduled for the Fort Worth show on 2/2, and the advance is pretty poor even with Kerry supposedly in the ring again.  Most reports say that Kerry’s leg, and in particular his ankle, isn’t strong enough to wrestle again.  Well, when you don’t HAVE an ankle, strengthening it can certainly be tough.

– Jim Crockett has the Silverdome booked for 4/3, which is a week after “Restholdamania III”.  Should be interesting, Dave notes.

– After Dave complained about it earlier in the issue, Verne has indeed started pulling Hall’s name from advertising and replacing him with Curt Hennig instead.

– And finally, Kerry did indeed return to the ring against Brian Adias in Fort Worth, but he was limping badly the entire match and just stayed stationary while Adias bounced off him.  The show did a disappointing 2500 people.