AJ Styles


In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave mentioned that WWE originally thought of AJ Styles as a lower-midcarder or a midcarder when they brought him in. Now that they’ve seen how over he is at house shows and on TV, they view him as one of the company’s top five regular stars. His feud/matches with Jericho were not that great, but everything since then has been awesome. What are your thoughts on AJ and how far do you think he can go?

​They should have brought him in and made him into a top guy right away. Like, in hindsight, how big of a waste of time was the whole "HHH wins the Royal Rumble" storyline? If the stip where the winner got the title wasn’t there, you could have shot AJ to the top immediately and fans would have bought it no problem. Or how awesome would Brock Lesnar v. AJ Styles at WM have been? That one’s still on the table even.

So yeah, he’s OK. ​