WWE’s Wellness Policy Hypocrisy

Hey Scott,

This post appeared on Reddit recently:

The biggest gist is the legal mumbo-jumbo in WWE’s steroid and muscle enhancer policies. Especially one word: regularly.

“APPLICABILITY OF THIS POLICY This Policy, as it may be amended from time to time, is applicable to and binding upon all WWE Talent under contract to WWE who regularly perform in-ring services as a professional sports entertainer (“WWE Talent”).”

Meaning, part-time workers like HHH, Rock, and Brock do not fall under that category. It’s why Cena comes back from injury looking bigger and then gradually loses that since he’s back to being a “regular” worker. It’s no wonder many guys can pop back from an injury faster than the average person.

This pisses me off because WWE puts constant pressure on their workers to have “the look.” And that “look” is HHH, Brock, Cena, Batista, Rock. Musclebound guys so big, they look like superheroes. But because getting to those unnatural sizes is banned, they can’t. So they’re stuck at their size while WWE pushes those musclebound guys and usually puts them over above everyone else.

Welcome to wrestling for the past 40 years! If it makes you feel better, Brock is getting tested every third day by USADA while he preps for his fight with Mark Hunt, so we at least know he’s not doing anything. Now, as to your point with Cena, I’m not accusing him of anything, but recovering from injury would be a legit reason to use steroids. Not all steroids are banned or illegal, ya know. There’s a reason why they’re a popular drug for wrestlers, because they make you bigger and help muscles heal faster. Also, you have to try really, REALLY hard to get busted by the Wellness Policy, so Reigns did something spectacularly dumb to do so.

In general, though, the Wellness Policy saved at least two or three lives that we know of (MVP most notably) because of the more strenuous medical testing involved, and the strict concussion guidelines probably saved Daniel Bryan from having his brain turn to mush later, so I think it’s been an overwhelming positive otherwise.

Almost as overwhelmingly positive as Roman’s pee test.