Gary Michael Cappetta interview


This is Eric Santamaria, former host of The Wrestling Roundtable (I provided a review quote for your ‘Dungeon of Death’ book years ago) and ROH commentator (one of the posters on your blog recently said I was the worst one ever, in fact). I have a new podcast I launched a few weeks ago (I have an audio clip from 2001 where I mention Rantsylvania on the first episode, in fact, so, long time reader, yadda yadda), and I thought I’d pass along a link to my latest show with Gary Michael Cappetta. I know GMC and his book have been mentioned on your blog before; we cover his leaving WCW, writing his book, doing a stage show, joining ROH, and more. Gary’s mentioned it as up there with his recent Ross Report & Art of Wrestling appearances, so I hope you & your readers enjoy my podcasting more than my wrestling play-by-play. Cheers.

​I haven’t read his book but I’ve heard it’s really good. Appreciate the continued support!