Implications of Montreal…

My question is about how Montreal influenced Starrcade 97:

Obviously the hiring of Bret right after the screw job led WCW to doing the "fast count screw job ref" angle at the end of Sting/Hogan. But what if Montreal never happens? What if Bret plays ball and lays down for Shawn, OR forfeits the title after the planned DQ/schmozz ending? It seemed that for 17.5 months the plan was Sting buries Hogan clean and then the Bret thing happened and they called the audible. Do you know what the original plan was?

​Given they probably started actually thinking of a finish after Montreal happened, I don’t think there was an original plan. WCW wasn’t exactly organized at that point. It was probably just "How do we get ourselves out of this huge match we’ve built up for 18 months?" ​