“Hipster” wrestling?

While watching the NXT Takeover show with some people, a couple of us were trying to explain the appeal of Nakamura (and the NXT brand to an extent) and at the end the person we were explaining it to said, "Ahh, ‘hipster’ wrestling?".

Were they right? Is NXT what hipsters watch? Lucha Underground? WWE Main Event? PWG? TNA? NJPW? Jimmy Breaks matches on Youtube?

What do you and the BOD think "Hipster" Wrestling is?

Also, I’d like to take a second to give a hearty congratulations to your boy, Gitem Steve-Dave for tying the knot!

​I think Lucha Underground is much more "hipster" at the moment because it’s right there in the name — UNDERGROUND. It’s filled with people who are relatively well known under one name, and the promotion is like "Oh no, it’s not Ricochet, it’s Prince Puma…you probably wouldn’t have heard of him."

NXT is all about trying for mainstream success and selling out now. Literally their goal is to sell out arenas, so they can’t be truly hipster. Lucha Underground doesn’t even tour, and they might not even have a fourth season because they’re so obscure and different.

There you go.​