Thursday Night at the Blog!

Alright, I’m back to a more regular posting schedule, so I can properly do these things.

It’s Thursday Night, which means SmackDown is on USA with the last show before the Money in the Bank network special event. Expect the guys in the ladder match to go at it in various ways.

Also, we’ve got a Live Watch tonight – Survivor Series 2007, a show that WWE inexplicably sent me on DVD – TWICE! – for reasons I still don’t understand. Batista-Taker in a cell and HBK-RKO are your top matches. The Live Watch, hosted by Duck, starts at 8 pm Eastern.

And I’m hoping to start the Summer Slam Top Ten sometime next week, so be sure to ignore that when I start to post it here!

Alright everyone, it’s an open thread, so have at it!