MITB Question

> Hey Scott,
> With a stacked card coming to MITB this weekend via. AJ vs. Cena, Rollins vs. Reigns and the MITB match. Would now be the right time to throw a surprise Finn Baylor debut/Win in the MITB match. It certainly could be impactful and bring him straight to being a legitimate top tier talent or could it be to soon as Brock and possible Takers return in the coming weeks for the setup for Summerslam overshadow his win leaving him looking like 2014 Batista heading into Wrestlemania XXX.
> Thanks

Well I mean, Finn is coming up for the split, I don’t think there is any doubt of that. I also don’t think Brocks return will have anything to do with him or how well he gets over. Really they’ve delayed his debut so long now that it doesn’t really matter how surprised people are,they just need to get him out there.