Look, Up in the Sky!

Hey Scott,

A lot of the times in wrestling, characters are marketed/designed for current trends. Given how huge comic movies are now (essentially taking over the blockbuster movie realm), do you think a revisit to a comic book type wrestler could work?

In the late 90’s, there was Nova in ECW with all his comic references. In early 2000’s, there was Hurricane going fully over the top as a comic hero.

In today’s day & age, I was thinking a character somewhere in the middle of Nova & Helms could be something. Get a solid worker in the role (hopefully a legit fan so it comes off as believable) and let the character do the rest. Obviously, this is a role designed for lower/midcard barring him getting super over, but the world needs lower card people & at least he might stand out compared to most of the generic gimmicks blending together.

Just had a feeling recently that it’s something that might work. Thoughts?

​Well I mean, they tried similar things in the late 80s during the Batman movie’s popularity (Matman in Portland, a Batman character in Memphis) and then in the 90s you had Mark Curtis playing Cowabunga the Ninja Turtle, and I can’t recall anything like that ever really clicking. I don’t know how you’d book the character, to be honest. Besides, wrestling has always had its own form of superhero — the masked luchador. If anything, Lucha Underground is a better model to look towards, because they’re creating characters and storylines that are more closely approximating today’s pop culture than Vince is. The goofy undercover cop story with Joey Ryan is actually something that I’m shocked no one else has tried before now, for example. ​And the Pentagon/Vampiro stuff is straight out of a comic book.

So basically just watch Lucha Underground, I guess I’m saying.