Impact woes and Brock return

Hey Scott, would love to hear your thoughts about these:

1) what do you think of the hilarious live US Impact malfunction last night?

2) who should Brock fight against at Summerslam? Owens? Reigns again? Ambrose again? Bray?

​1. Since I pay no attention to Impact and the show apparently aired fine up here anyway, I didn’t even know what the deal was until this afternoon. Apparently it was a Pop TV snafu due to technical issues, not TNA.

2. It seems pretty obvious that he’s doing the big J-O-B to Roman Reigns as they try every tactic humanly possible to get Roman over. If not Reigns, then probably the Bray Wyatt feud that got aborted out of nowhere earlier this year. But Roman would have to be the most effective use of Brock they have left. Now if he gets killed by Mark Hunt like any rational person would expect, that’s gonna be a problem.​