Bruiser Brody

Hey Scott

Hope all is well north of the border. Bruiser Brody is a popular topic in the WON’s. Couple questions for you:

1. In a recent issue it said Brody was making/supposed to make $14,000/week in Japan. During circa 84-86, how much did Brody make annually and who would he be comparable to in the states at that time?

2. What was he like as a worker? How did he compare to someone like terry funk or terry Gordy who could also be brawlers when it suited them? I envision him as more brawler and less wrestler.

1. Gary Hart actually talks extensively about Brody in his book since he was handling all his bookings during the time period you’re describing. Brody was basically willing to wrestle anywhere, anytime for the right amount of money (usually upwards of a couple of thousand dollars per night) and pretty much lived on the road for a few years straight. The money that Brody was making was easily comparable to what Hulk was pulling in (without the extra stuff like merch and cartoon revenues) and unlike Hulk he didn’t limit himself to 2 or 3 dates a month in his prime. Unfortunately the Japan situation really went south for him in a hurry because as the business shrunk during the Vince expansion, Brody could only piss off so many promoters before he ran out of places to work.

2. He was ALL brawler, but he was the best at it most people have ever seen. Especially in Japan, where he looked like the scariest American monster anyone could dream up over there. Brody trying to work a normal match was typically a trainwreck, but his appeal was never in his versatility. I think that if he had lived, he would have settled into semi-retirement in ECW and probably done well for himself in that promotion because there would have been a line of guys in the dressing room wanting to go out there and bounce off him like pinballs to put him over.