Modern looks for modern wrestlers

Hi Scott,

on a recent MLW podcast, Konnan brought up a point I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Often when wrestling breaks through into the mainstream, the major draws reflect the fashionable zeitgeist of the moment.

Austin became massive when shave-headed, ultra aggressive Nu-Metal was over huge.

Nash and Hall are on record as discussing how they co-opted the nWo look from Rap artists who were emerging/massive at the time.

Rock ‘n Wrestling matched bright, garish colours and too much hair with MTV, who at the time marketed bright, garish colours and too much hair.

Equally, Daniel Bryan looks a lot more like the sort of hipster that key demographics would either recognise, or look like themselves. Roman, however, just kinda looks like a wrestler from some time… ever.

Do you think that there’s any value to this view? Is it more evidence that Vince is too old now to grasp emerging fashion and trends?

​Yeah, I still have no idea what Vince is going for with Roman’s look. He used to be really great with that kind of thing, too. ​