Mid-South Wrestling – December 23rd, 1981

December 23, 1981

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

This week, “Precious” Paul Ellering and the Iron Sheik will continue their battle as part of the $1,000 Persian club challenge. Plus, Bob Roop & Bob Orton will team up and Brian Blair will face Paul Orndorff.


Jerry Novak & Rick Ferrara vs. Mike George & Carlos Zapata

Watts points out that Zapata is taking the place of George’s Tag Team partner, the Junkyard Dog, who is out with “knee problems.” George beats on Ferrara to start. Novak cheapshots George and they end up tying George in the ropes as they beat him down. Novak knocks Zapata to the floor but George ends up fighting back. George then dropkicks them both before hitting a second one on Ferrara as that gets the win (2:52).

Thoughts: This was a showcase for George, who did not even tag out during the match, and to let us know that the Junkyard Dog was hurt.


We are shown a clip from last week when Ellering did 50 repetitions with the Persian clubs but Skandor Akbar told Ellering the Sheik would wrestle first before attempting to double that mark (which was the rules of the challenge) then after that said they would do it again next week as the Sheik was at a disadvantage.


Sheik is now in the ring with Akbar and Ellering. He has to get double the amount of repetitions to win. Sheik does end up breaking the mark as he did it 103 times. Ellering then challenges Sheik again and the Sheik and Akbar agree. Ellering starts swinging but Sheik boots him in the gut right before he would have won the contest. Sheik beats on Ellering then applies the Camel Clutch as the crowd rallies behind Ellering, who powers out of the hold. Sheik beats on Ellering, who starts firing away and eventually slams Sheik down and drops an elbow. Ellering sets up for the reverse neckbreaker but Akbar hits him with the Iranian flag as Sheik is back in control as the segment ends. So far, they are building up a solid TV feud between the two and the fans are starting to get into it as well.


Paul Orndorff vs. Brian Blair

This match starts with both guys fighting over a lockup. They take it to the mat as Blair works a headscissors. Orndorff escapes and works the legs then they keep going back-and-forth until Blair works the arm. Orndorff finally takes control after running Blair into the ropes after a reversal sequence. He drops an elbow from the middle rope then follows with a high knee. Blair fights back and knocks Orndorff down but Orndorff rakes the eyes then hits a powerslam. Orndorff tries for the figure-four but Blair kicks him off. Orndorff tries a suplex but Blair reverses and hits one of his own as the crowd is fully behind Blair, who now puts on a figure-four of his own. Bob Roop comes out as Orndorff ends up reversing the hold. A second referee comes out to make sure Roop does not interfere as the ref rings the bell, despite Blair not giving up. Orndorff maintains the hold for a bit then breaks as the referee comes over to the announcers table to say that Blair did not give up but he used his discretion to prevent further injury (8:00) **3/4.

Thoughts: Good TV match. The finish might appear lame but it was done to continue the storyline that Orndorff and Roop knew how to counter DiBiase’s figure-four leg lock as they were chasing his North American Title. Plus, it protected Blair in defeat.


Mike Boyer vs. Ted DiBiase

DiBiase backs Boyer into the corner as Watts puts over Brian Blair for having a lot of guts in his last match while putting over how Orndorff has found out a way to neutralize the figure-four, which is DiBiase’s finisher. Boyer works an armbar then grounds DiBiase for a bit. DiBiase fights back and hits a backdrop then a poor excuse of a powerslam before putting Boyer away with the figure-four (2:57).

Thoughts: I liked how they had DiBiase win with the figure-four right after the previous segment. It showed that his finisher is still dominant.


Bob Roop & Bob Orton Jr. vs. Mike Bond & Frank Monte

Bond takes Roop over a few times as he appears to have some decent technical ability. Orton tags as Bond gets a nearfall with a sunset flip. Monte tags in and squares off against Orton, who makes the tag to Roop. Monte blocks a cheap-shot in the corner from Roop and ends up hitting a dropkick. He then uses a pair of headscissor takedowns as the crowd approves. Orton tags in again and Monte catches him with a slam. However, Roop & Orton distract the ref and hit Monte with a double clothesline to finally take control of the match. Roop tags and beats on Monte, who manages to use an inside cradle but Orton already tagged before that and breaks the hold. Bond tags and cleans house but Orton makes a blind tag during a criss-cross spot as Roop breaks up a reverse rollup then tags Orton as they hit a backbreaker/elbow drop combo then Orton puts Bond away with a piledriver (4:26) **.

Thoughts: The enhancement guys got a lot of shine here and they could both work. Orton was awesome here with his offense too. His style was almost ahead of its time here.


Ed Wiskowski vs. Tom Renesto Jr.

Wiskowski slams Renesto after a criss-cross then hammers away. Wiskowski hits another slam for a nearfall then catches Renesto with a knee smash and an atomic drop. Wiskowksi stays in control until hitting a backbreaker for the win (2:15).

Thoughts: Wiskowski was designed to look dominant but the crowd was dead for this and Wiskowski was not that good in the ring anyway.


Iron Sheik w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Don Serrano

Sheik attacks Serrano before the bell then hammers away but Ellering runs out and starts beating on the Sheik as the referee waves this match off (0:24). Ellering continues to beat on Sheik as Watts said the fans were leaving because they did not believe Serrano had a chance as Akbar pulls his man to safety.

Thoughts: The crowd was jacked for this. Unfortunately, it was the last appearance of the Sheik on Mid-South TV as he went to Florida and shortly after this, Ellering injured himself in a match against Paul Orndorff and he was gone from the company after that and wound up in Georgia over a year later.


Final Thoughts: Another strong show. They had a good featured match and pushed a lot of storylines. The angle over DiBiase’s figure-four is a good one and the Sheik/Ellering stuff got over with the crowd. Watts really dominated on commentary, as he talked a majority of the time while Pierce was largely quiet.


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