Long term for Enzo & Cass

Hi Scott,

It is inevitable that Big Cass is going on a solo run. He has the size Vince loves and held his own surprisingly well while Enzo was recovering from his injury. I think the easy way out for them will be the generic heel turn for one of them, and I loathe that idea.

I don’t know that Enzo has a long in ring future, and I’d prefer to have him encourage Cass to reach for the stars because he has a brighter future than him, and then assume a managerial role for him. This would allow them to continue with their schtick and popularity, and longer term could set up a more satisfying heel turn for Enzo foiling Cass’ singles dreams.

What do you think?

​I’ve been saying for ages that they should just make Enzo into a manager and then push the shit out of Cass if they want to. It literally solves all your problems, plus being a tag team wrestler is a death sentence in WWE anyway. Enzo’s got a better shot at being a big star by riding Cass’s push than he would by getting Jannetty’d. ​