Tag Team Titles

Am I they only one that see the four-way for the tag team championship, at Money in the bank, as a perfect way to get the belts off The New Day. They are so over that they do not need them, but you don’t want to beat them either.

I think they’ll move the tag division to Smackdown, and I’d imagine they’d want The New Day on Raw. Have Gallows and Anderson pin The Vaudevillains
Then you can move The Club and Enzo/Cass to Smackdown. Add in Cena, who is rumored to be going to Smackdown, to the mix, and run Cena/Enzo/Cass vs The Club in various combinations.

Obviously it would be Cena/AJ and Anderson/Gallows vs Enzo/Cass at Summerslam and whatever September PPV, but you could do Cass vs AJ as a TV main event. Cass get a big rub, Enzo might become a better worker, and Enzo and Cass get a rub from Cena without having to lose to him.

of course they’d then turn Cass heel and he’d lose to Cena 3 PPV in a row, but whatever.

​The four-way match just seems like a time-killer until they can put the Club over big for the titles, probably at Summerslam. New Day’s been champions almost a year now (longer if you count the ridiculous Titus/Young title reign) and it’s time to move it to someone new. My fear is that they’re gonna create new tag titles for the split, though, and really water the division down. ​