Crying Wrestlers

Hey Scott,

So, I’ve been catching up with a lot of the NXT stuff recently, watching the new Breaking Ground and all those WWE24 things, and I’ve been thinking. Has WWE mastered kayfabe in the post-kayfabe era or are all of their ‘new’ talents marks to the extreme? Bayley is talking about how it feels like she lost a part of herself when she dropped the title. American Alpha are tearing up over winning the titles. Zack Ryder talks about how winning the IC title is the greatest day of his life. I mean, I get tearing up over a wrestler having to retire, or a debut going well, or a really awesome match, or even making/missing a big show. But over a f------ win or a loss? It’d be like an actor crying after their character got killed off. None of these people grew up in the ultra-kayfabe era, so why do they care so much about titles? Has WWE just managed to play these people so instead of giving them money, they give them belts? Has WWE trained a generation of Bret Harts? Or is WWE just really trying to get NXT over as this beautiful, special and magical wonderland where everybody is friends and they’re about holding hands and they really just want to wrestle good.

I don’t know, maybe I’m looking too much into WWE propaganda. But if you have any insight or observations about this, I’d love to hear them.

​There’s a lot of truth to it. They’ve basically created a generation of wrestlers who grew up on the "point to sign" b------- where people are fighting for their legacy and just being at Wrestlemania is the biggest honor you can achieve in wrestling, and apparently no one cares about the entire point of the business, which is TO MAKE MONEY. The last guy who seemingly got it was Batista. it’s just really weird now.​