Blading Policy

The Mid 90’s seemed to be the no-blood era, but I got to thinking, at least when it came to WWF, was there a strict limitation to blading at any point in the late 80’s/early 90’s, before the ban was made well known and people were punished if caught (Flair at Mania 8, for example). Outside of a few instances, it seemed like there was a lack of color when it came to the TV product. Just coincidence that it was only done on occasion, or was Vince against blading to begin with before bringing them hammer down from 92-95?

​It was more that the TV stations were against it, and Vince was desperate to present a family-friendly product to wipe out the grimy old-time promoters like Crockett who would do blood-and-guts up and down the shows. Just look at Starrcade 85, where the blading is REALLY excessive, needlessly so. By the time you get to the NBC era for the WWF, Dusty was still doing stuff like booking double juice main events at house shows, and that kind of stuff was really viewed as sleazy and low-class by TV standards. And hey, it’s hard to argue that point. ​