Wrestlemania X-8 and The N.W.O

Hey Scott,

I think we all knew prior to Mania that Hulk Hogan was going to lay down for The Rock, Austin wasn’t laying down for anyone, especially after that lackluster build him and Scott Hall had and that Nash was…wait, what about Kevin Nash exactly?

1.) Why wasn’t he booked to wrestle or simply just put someone over since the other two were doing it? I always thought Nash laying down for Kane was better than them having Kane lose to an illegal pin in/if not one of his best showings.

2.) Why not book Austin vs. Nash instead? Nash seemed like the bigger name at the time, in better shape and could have actually been BOUGHT as a threat to Austin.

​Nash unfortunately suffered a crippling knee injury that only allowed him to work the major TV shows directly before and after Wrestlemania. He was, however, the original choice for the Austin match and would have lost. If not, for, you know, the totally real knee injury.​