CM Punk’s Legacy

What is the general consensus on CM Punk at this point? He’s done a good job of coming off as whiny and overly-sensitive in most of his post-WWE interviews. If Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are representation of WWE’s "indy era", Daniel Bryan will fondly remembered far more than CM Punk. What’s your opinion on CM Punk’s WWE run and his post-WWE actions? If he comes back, will it really be that big of a deal?

​Like, for me, I wouldn’t vote for him in the Hall of Fame. His legacy at this point is "Guy who had really long title reign underneath Cena" and "Guy who probably should have been pushed harder at one specific point but wasn’t". Bryan basically won over Vince’s respect with hard work and turned himself into a draw, whereas Punk pretty much talked his way out of a top position by never knowing when to shut up. Having one big run from 2011-2013 is not a Hall of Fame legacy, and as you noted, since then he’s been mostly complaining about having the job and position that most wrestlers would kill to have​.

It’s pretty much guaranteed he’ll come back because he’s not like Virgil f--- money at Olive Garden rich and Vince is gonna run out of part-timers at some point soon, but then at that point Punk is just gonna be the same part-timer stealing spots that he was bitching about in the first place.