Seething Punk?

Hey Scott,

Is CM Punk seething right now or is this Brock thing not getting to him at all? He’s hurt, never got in the octagon, who knows if he ever will…and now the most heyman guy of heyman guys is back in UFC to steal his never realized thunder and buyrate!
I mean, Punk kind of dreamed of doing something like this, it seems, when he mentioned in the cabana podcast about doing like a true cross promotion thing with MMA shorts and shirts and walking with sonnen to the octagon. They of course shot it all down.
Eventually they have now done it all with Brock. He has the MMA gear gimmick, he’s been an MMA champion so he can talk true legitimacy, and he’s going to cross-promote, as you’ve stated, the s--- out of both companies with hopes UFC returns the job later on with rousey. Wow, talk about bad timing for mr. pipe bomb.

​Buried in all the Brock talk on the Sunday radio show was also the sort-of confirmation that Punk will be fighting Mickey Gall on the August 28 UFC PPV, because FS1 is doing a reality show about ol’ Phightin’ Phil and he pretty much has to at this point. So the time is getting close!​