Lesnar: Hunter or Hunted?


So Brock is going to be fighting Mark Hunt at UFC 200 as rumored. Hopefully I won’t get banned for life by UFC for linking to that story. Anyway, Brock is going to be MURDERED unless he just takes Hunt down and hopes for the best. It’s a guy who punches people in the face against a guy who hates being punched in the face, but as a freakshow heavyweight fight it’s worth a shitload of buys, so that’s likely the thinking behind it. People who thought they’d feed Brock some tomato can like they’re doing for Punk are nuts, though. He’s gonna get KTFO and might have to miss Summerslam, so WWE is taking a pretty big chance here, but I think it’s worth the risk to get the cross-promotion.

With that fight and Jones-Cormier on top, they’ve got my money, though.