Why No Big Event II?

Considering it was a legitimate sellout in 1986, why did the WWF / Jack Tunney never run another CNE show? Where they worried they could never top it and didn’t want to look like fans were losing interest in the WWF? Were fans complaining they couldn’t see anything? Was Tunney worried that fans would stop going to Maple Leaf Gardens?

It just seems odd that they backed into something huge (the show was never promoted as a super card or an attempt to break any record, just a regular card that happened to be at the CNE) and never followed up on it.

​First up, for those waiting for the Big Even re-rant, it’s just the Coliseum video version on the Network, so I’m not really keen on doing another clipped version.

Anyway, the CNE show was basically a "sold" show, in that Vince was paid a certain fee to bring the show to the fairgrounds, and you’d get free admission to the Exhibition with your ticket purchase. So it was really kind of the CNE itself that was the draw, and not necessarily the Big Event show. If you’re paying $20 to get into the fair anyway, might as well go to the wrestling show, right?

Now why they wouldn’t try the same thing again the next year, I dunno. ​