Shawn and Vince in 98

Hey Scott. Longtime follower, occasional emailer.

The Kliq and Screwjob have been discussed endlessly, but what about HBK post-Montreal? The recap of the Russo shoot interview about 1998 peaked my interest about Vince "dumping" Shawn and focusing all of his attention on Austin (if this is true). How did Shawn handle all of this? And how did Shawn get along with Austin and Taker post Montreal? Even though he was carrying the strap at the time, he seemed to not really matter compared to Austin and the involvement of Tyson.

Thanks for any insight you can provide

Yeah, I mean they were absolutely full steam ahead on Austin in 98, and if that meant sacrificing Michaels, Vince was all for it. I don’t think Shawn ever harbored any resentment about it, he could see as well as anyone that they HAD to get the title onto Austin at all costs. He might have been a dick at that point, but he’s a smart guy about the business and Austin was where the money was.