Seth and Roman


Have you watched the Seth Rollins documentary on the WWE Network yet? Two questions:

1) The doc makes Seth look like the biggest babyface on the roster. Seriously. So why show it when they want him to be a heel? Is this the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing?
2) WHY CAN’T THEY MAKE A MOVIE LIKE THAT FOR ROMAN? I mean obviously he didn’t tear his knee six ways from Sunday, but with his Samoan heritage and family history they could do some kind of compelling real story for Roman to get the smart fans on his side.

Because they want Roman to get over as a top guy the same way that Cena did, but they don’t actually want to put in any of the work to get him there. As for Seth, the justification is that they need more strong heels (which they do), but by the same token the people who defend Reigns are all like "Well, they don’t really have outdated concepts like babyfaces and heels any longer". Clearly they do if they’re so concerned about having people not cheer Rollins. You’d think they’d be more concerned with having a main event that people give a s--- about, but I watched that stupid Rollins segment from RAW where they muted his babyface pop on YouTube and it pretty much killed any interest I had in seeing the match other than "Eh, it’ll probably be a great match".