Roman’s “The Guy” line

Is it just me or is Roman’s line about being "the guy" really, really stupid?

If someone says he’s the guy – what does that mean? Do I boo him? Do I cheer him? Do I continue rejecting him?

If Roman is supposed to be a good guy, why wouldn’t he just say that? I actually think it would be far more interesting to watch Roman (and by proxy, WWE creative) try to win over the fans.

They’re positioning the crowd reaction as Cena, Part 2 – but Cena earned that reaction from years and years of being the ultimate good guy. He was never just "the guy" but always "the good guy" that his fans could count on. I don’t think Roman has any fans, which makes the rehearsed line feel even stupider.

Without Cena, Reigns was the star by default. But it’s clear after one night, that Cena operates on a completely different level than Reigns. They almost have to do the brand split to keep them apart. Reminds me of when they tried to make Warrior "the guy" in 1990 but he just felt bush league compared to Hogan, even after WM 6.

​Roman’s character (or lack thereof) is just a mess and that’s the real problem. That stupid line basically says "My whole character is that I’m the guy the company is pushing to the top" so you’re not only ignoring what fans are telling you, you’re basically rubbing it in their faces! However, Meltzer pointed out that house shows are dropping fast with Reigns on top, so it’s not just like Cena where there’s a vocal majority of people booing him who then pay money to watch him live. If there’s one thing Vince still pays attention to, it’s gate receipts (no matter how out-dated that might be these days) so that might finally be the thing that convinces him to end the experiment for good. ​