Mid-South Wrestling TV – December 17th, 1981

December 17, 1981

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce & Ted DiBiase

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Before the show, DiBiase tells Pierce that Bob Roop and Paul Orndorff said they found a counter to his figure-four leg lock and that he is in a lot of pain from last week but would rather have his leg broken than give up. Saying stuff like that is what makes for a good babyface.


Tom Renesto Jr. vs. Brian Blair

DiBiase puts over Blair as an up-and-coming star, who goes to work on the arm. Pierce tells us that Bob Roop vs. Mike George will take place as Blair continues to work the arm. Pierce now plugs the “Dream Match” contest as Blair ends up hitting an armdrag after a Irish whip sequence. Blair fires up and hammers away in the corner. He hits an elbow smash from the middle rope for a nearfall then hits a suplex before applying the figure-four leg lock and the win (5:01).

Thoughts: Blair was technically sound and moved at a brisk pace but never had any semblance of a personality and this crowd was silent throughout the match.



Precious Paul Ellering is now in the ring, letting us know he is back to stay and not to play. Ellering has missed the past six months due to injury. He is jacked and continues to flex his arm while talking about loving all of the ladies. Ellering then issues a challenge to the Iron Sheik, who he jokingly calls the “Iron Geek” as he wants to try to swing his Persian clubs for the chance to win $1,000 from Skandor Akbar’s challenge.



“Precious” Paul Ellering vs. Don Serrano

Serrano gets a rollup for two as Ellering reaches the ropes. Pierce tells us that Ellering might need the money from Skandor Akbar’s Persian Club challenge because he hasnt wrestled in a while. Ellering takes control after a knee smash as he works a methodical pace until putting Serrano away with a reverse neckbreaker (2:33).

Thoughts: Ellering was horrible in the ring. He moved slow and just about everything he did looked awful. The fans did not seem to into him either.



Mike Boyer vs. Junkyard Dog

Pierce tells us that the Junkyard Dog beat the Great Kabuki for the Louisiana Heavyweight Championship about one week ago. JYD tosses Boyer down and roughs him up before headbutting him down. JYD does some mat work then stops Boyer’s comeback short with a forearm smash then hits a powerslam for the win (2:09).

Thoughts: A showcase for JYD as he was both the Louisiana Heavyweight Champion and one-half of the Tag Team Champions with Mike George.



Bob Orton Jr. & Paul Orndorff vs. The Monk & Carlos Zapata

Orndorff & Orton beat on Zapata to start off the match as the announcers talk about Ellering attempting the Persian Club Challenge. They stay in control until Zapata dodges a charge and tags out. The Monk lands a few punches but Orndorff hits a knee lift then Orton picks up the Monk and drops him with a powerslam as Orndorff came off the top with an elbow smash. Orndorff then puts the Monk away with the figure-four leg lock (4:39).

Thoughts: A long, squash match that made both Orndorff & Orton look good. They were really good together here.



Bob Roop vs. Mike George

DiBiase talks about having to keep an eye out on Roop at all times. The match starts with each guy going back-and-forth to start. George breaks out of a full nelson then reverses the hold and almost rolls him up for the win. They trade punches in the corner until George hits an atomic drop. Roop retreats to the corner then cheap-shots George before raking his eyes across the top rope. Roop hammers away and gets two with a running knee smash before applying a chinlock. They fight over a suplex until Roop rakes the eyes. George punches back from his knees then gets up and starts laying into Roop in the corner. He returns the favor to rake Roop’s eyes across the top rope then stomps a mudhole in the corner. George even chokes Roop out for a bit. George gets a nearfall with a Russian Leg Sweep then tries the move again but Roop hung on to the middle rope. George floats over on a slam attempt then connects with a pair of dropkicks as that gets two but George gets dumped outside when Roop kicked out. They fight on the apron but George misses a charge and gets shoved into the ring post as George is clutching his arm on the floor. George climbs back in and lands some punches with his good arm but gets shoved into the corner, ramming his injured arm, then eats a high knee as Roop gets the pin (7:50) **1/4.

Thoughts: A fine TV match. Roop seemed limited here in what he could do but what he did looked solid. George had some athleticism as well and they told a decent story here.



Ed Wiskowski vs. Mike Bond

Wiskowski hits a slam before running Bond into the corner. Wiskowski starts beating on Bond until he puts him away with a backbreaker (1:29).

Thoughts: Wiskowski bored me to tears but at least this was short.



Ellering is now in the ring with Skandor Akbar and the Iron Sheik for the Persian Club Challenge. The rules are that you have to be able to do as many swings as the Iron Sheik to win. Ellering then starts to swing the Persian Clubs as the fans go nuts because he is doing a great job. Ellering ends up doing 50 repetitions as Sheik and Akbar look nervous. However, Akbar lets us all know Sheik has a match coming up and will do it after the event and even up the reward to $2,000.



Iron Sheik w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Frank Monte

Sheik starts attacking Monte before tossing him to the floor. Monte heads back inside and starts making a comeback until he misses an attack and catches him with a back suplex for the win (1:50). They are about to start the challenge but Akbar said that Sheik just had a grueling match against an “International star” while Ellering gets the crowd to rally behind him. Pierce lets us know that time is running out on the show and points out that Akbar is stalling as the show goes off the air.

Thoughts: They did a good job trying to build suspense for Sheik swinging the clubs next week and got heat on Akbar and Sheik for appearing like they were afraid to lose. The crowd really got behind Ellering, when they were mostly dead for his interview earlier in the show.



Final Thoughts: This show was not as good as last week, the Orndorff vs. DiBiase match, but it ended on a good note. The Roop/George match was fine but most of the other matches were dull.


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