Cena on Smackdown

Why do I think this is how WWE will handle Cena going to Smackdown during brand split:

Week 0: drafted to SD on Raw
Week 1: Cena’s Raw Farewell Address
Week 2: Cena answers an open challenge on Raw
Week 3: Cena on Raw to cut promo for SD Match
Week 4: Cena is a Mystery Partner for Roman on Raw
Week 5: Cena guest commentator on Raw
Week 6: Edge visits Raw, Cena is guest on Cutting Edge
…and so on and so on.

All the while he is still a SD Superstar.

​Yeah, it’s gonna be quite the interesting balancing act between USA and WWE on the brand split deal, because Vince only cares about RAW and USA apparently only cares about getting Smackdown’s ratings up. However, at the very least Cena is gonna have to be doing the Monday house shows for Smackdown because they are going to die a horrible death running opposite of RAW on TV. So he probably won’t be on RAW for at least six weeks, when Vince traditionally gives up on Smackdown as an A-show.