Brand Split Hopefuls

Not counting NXT people, who would you and the board want to most see get an uptick in stature due to the split?

Couple to

Tyler Breeze: Never going to be top guy but could totally fit in with the IC stuff going currently. Just give the dude some wins.

Bubba/Bully : Let him go singles in months to come and have him be a solid mid-tier heel. Kind of the Owens for whatever show Owens isn’t on.

​I think the train has sailed on Bubba Ray as far as anyone taking him seriously. They could have had something if they had brought him in as Bully Ray and retrained the audience, but now the Dudleys are just the silly old guys putting over the Usos every night at house shows. It could really fun if Velvet Sky and CALFZILLA and the rest of the act started popping up on Smackdown or whatever, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The one I’m most hopeful for is AJ Styles. They’re obviously wanting him to anchor Smackdown as the top heel for a while to start, and I think he can pull it off. I think they’re gonna put the TBD World title on him and have Cena chase it, which would be awesome for AJ.