WWF Wrestling Challenge – July 31st, 1988

July 31, 1988

From the Five Seasons Center in Cedar Rapids, IA

Your hosts are Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action this week are the British Bulldogs, Don Muraco, Demolition, and Ken Patera. Plus, the Brother Love show with guests Andre the Giant and Ted DiBiase and more!



British Bulldogs vs. The Conquistadores

Before the match, we get this exchange

Gorilla: Take a look at her brain (camera shows Matilda walking down the aisle)
Heenan: Which dog are you talking about?
Gorilla: I’m talking about the one with four legs
Heenan: Oh, I thought you meant the one in the ring with two legs (talking about female ring announcer Mike McGuirk)
Gorilla: Please, will you stop!

The match starts with Davey Boy press-slamming #1 at #2. Dynamite tags but gets backdropped as #2 gets a nearfall with a knee drop. Dynamite quickly regains control and hits a snap suplex for a nearfall. We then hear an insert promo from the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, who believe they will prevail over the Bulldogs due to the support of the American fans. The Conquistadores choke out Davey Boy behind the referee’s back as they are now in control of the match. Dynamite has had enough and breaks up a sleeper with a top rope attack then the Bulldogs clear the ring and put #1 away after Davey launches Dynamite for a diving headbutt (5:04).

Thoughts: Long match as they are starting to build up to the Rougeaus/Bulldogs match at SummerSlam.



WWF Special Report with Craig DeGeorge. This week’s topic is SummerSlam 88 and how you can watch it Monday night, August 29th on PPV. DeGeorge runs down the card for the show. We hear from the Powers of Pain, as they ask their opponents, the Bolsheviks, if they want to feel the “power and the pain.” Not too original there. Rick Rude also lets the Junkyard Dog now that unfortunately, he will have to display cruelty to animals and put a muzzle on him. Slick lets “homeboy” Koko B. Ware now he should give up now and save himself a beating courtesy of the Big Bossman.



“The Rock” Don Muraco vs. Tom Burton

Muraco tosses Burton around as the announcers put over his match against Dino Bravo at SummerSlam. Muraco then signals for the tombstone and hits that for the win (1:30).

Thoughts: Not much to this one as we are getting an uninspired build towards Bravo/Muraco at SummerSlam.



We see a replay of Dino Bravo setting the bench press record at the Royal Rumble, with assistance from Jesse “The Body” Ventura. This happened over six months and they milked it for about a year.



Dino Bravo w/ Frenchy Martin vs. Johnny Yates

Heenan talks about the replay of the bench press record and states all Ventura did was guide Bravo like you are supposed to be doing. Bravo hits a Manhattan Drop as Gorilla asks Heenan about Rude’s match against the Junkyard Dog, with Heenan calling JYD Fred Sanford, then Bravo puts Yates away with a side slam (1:30).

Thoughts: The Dino Bravo Canadian strongman push is back in full effect, to the dismay of everyone.



We get a brief ad for SummerSlam, hyping up the Mega-Powers vs. Mega-Bucks main event match.



Ken Patera vs. Chris Curtis

Patera beats on Curtis to start. He hits a clothesline then knocks Curtis down a few more times before putting him away with the full nelson (1:29).

Thoughts: With his feud against Bravo seemingly over, they are building up Patera heading into his match against Bad News Brown at SummerSlam.



We hear from Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage as they hype up their match at SummerSlam. Hogan cuts another borderline psychotic promo as he is worried about the little Hulkamaniacs asking their parents for money before completing their chores. Savage promises to put his opponents away with the flying elbow drop as this ends with Hogan flexing and laughing like a lunatic. Man, Hogan was on the good shit at these TV tapings.



Sam Houston & JT Thomas vs. Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji

Smash starts off with Houston and catches his crossbody attempt and puts him in the corner. Demolition beats down Houston until he comes back with a dropkick. Thomas tags in and lands a few punches until he runs into a clothesline. We hear an insert promo from Tito Santana as he tells us he is looking for a partner then Demolition puts Thomas away with the Decapitation (2:59).

Thoughts: Looks like they are hinting that Santana might get a new partner. Poor Houston is now pretty much solely designated as a TV jobber.



Brother Love Show with guests Ted DiBiase and Andre the Giant. DiBiase tells Randy Savage he is not scared about Hulk Hogan, who will be going down one more time to Andre the Giant. Andre then tells us what he loves and that is money as he starts counting it all while Heenan tells us they also love Jesse Ventura and how he will give both teams a fair shake while they all laugh, ending with DiBiase handing Brother Love some cash. Long and drawn-out segment that was less effective than the standard interview platform segments.



The Conquistadores shill the WWF Ice Cream Bars while speaking in Spanish.



Mike Richards vs. Bad News Brown

Bad News attacks Richards before the bell. He then is shown in an insert promo as he tells “Ken Petunia” he will find out what he is all about then Bad News gets the win with a Ghetto Blaster (0:55).

Thoughts: Bad News is still getting pushed as being undefeated in the WWF.



Hart Foundation vs. Harley Manson & Rick Gantner

Manson fails to slam Neidhart and ends up getting slammed himself. Hart tags and hits a backbreaker before placing Manson in the tree-of-woe. We hear an insert promo from the Hart Foundation as they tell Demolition they will be getting back their Tag Team Titles. Back to the match as the Hart Foundation are in control until they put Gantner away with the Hart Attack (2:40).

Thoughts: A win to put over the Hart Foundation as challengers to Demolition’s Tag Team titles.



Sean Mooney is in the Event Center. We hear dueling promos from Brutus Beefcake and the Honky Tonk Man with Jimmy Hart as they hype their match at SummerSlam, which is billed as their final match.



Next week in action will be Brutus Beefcake, The Powers of Pain, Rick Rude, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan.



Final Thoughts: More of an advertisement for SummerSlam than anything else as they have just under a month to promote the show.



Here is my schedule for the next several days:


Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 12/17/81

Sunday: WWF WrestleFest 7/31/88

Monday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 8/6/88

Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/7/88

Wednesday: EVOLVE 60 5/6/16

Thursday: Shoot Interview TBD

Friday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 8/13/88