The Other Blade Runners

Hi Scott,

Now that it’s wrestling legends that the Ultimate Warrior and Sting broke in together, I was just wondering if anyone knows what happened to the other 2 guys that broke in with them. There’s this picture WWE shows whenever discussing the Blade Runners’ early years with Rick Bassman stanidng in front of 4 guys with UW and Sting on the left and 2 other guys on the right?

WHO ARE THESE GUYS? Why didn’t they ever turn into anything? You’d think 2 guys, who are just as muscular as UW and Sting came up with them at the same time, that they’d at least get a 2nd look after how the other 2 turned out.

Speaking of which, how come nothing ever came of Rick Bassman? Even if he was a crook or whatever, the guy obviously has an eye for spotting talent.


​The Blade Runners were HORRIBLE for years, until Sting got good by dropping 50 pounds and working with Eddie Gilbert and Bill Watts. That had nothing to do with Bassman’s talent spotting.

Anyway, the other two Powerteam members kicked around wrestling a bit (one of them, Mark Miller, was a job guy on the infamous AWA Taping From Hell that was attended by Dave in 88) but they were both even worse than Warrior and went back to bodybuilding. ​Their training partner, Dave Sheldon, went on to be the Angel of Death and the guy intended to be the Black Scorpion. That was supposed to be the point of the Scorpion storyline, that Sheldon was Sting’s former associate 5 years earlier with a group that no one knew about before Sting even looked he did in 1990. Because WCW.